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University Spotlight: Arizona State University (ASU)

Today we are taking a deep dive into Arizona State University, the home of our soccer star Lieske Carleer. The Carleer Family is known for playing sports at a high level. Lieske’s mother, Grietje Carleer-Mulder, participated at the European Championships and World Cup for long track ice-skating in the 80’s. Lieske’s career took a different path. First, she started playing for FC Trias and after the European Championship U17 and competing for the KNVB women’s team, she was recruited by the Arizona State women’s soccer coach.  Graham Winkworth recruited Lieske live at the European Championships and therefore knew what kind of player Lieske was and what he brought in for the women’s soccer team of ASU.

“What I like most about ASU is that there is a professional sports environment where your team feels like a family.”  

Lieske Carleer


It’s essential for student-athletes to have a good feeling about their selected university. In addition to the athletic and academic aspects of a school, there are other important factors when choosing a university. Those include but are not limited to: the campus, university traditions, housing and on campus organizations. The history of athletic success within a university, usually plays a large role in the recruiting process and the decision for our athletes. Learn more about the Arizona State Sun Devils here!




Quick Facts

ASU is a member of the NCAA and plays at the highest level: NCAA Division 1. All teams compete in the PAC12 except the women’s water polo team. The women’s water polo team competes in a different league: Mountain Pacific Sports Federation. The ASU teams are known as the Sun Devils. The mascot is Sparky the Sun Devil.


Sports Stats 

ASU has some incredible statistics if it comes to former championships. ASU has won the national championships in the following sports:

  • baseball (5)
  • men’s golf (2)
  • women’s golf (8)
  • men’s gymnastics (1)
  • softball (2)
  • men’s indoor track (1)
  • women’s indoor track (2)
  • men’s outdoor track (1)
  • women’s outdoor track (1)
  • wrestling (1)

Total number of national championships: 24


ASU has 179 athletes who competed in the Olympics, representing 42 different countries. 27 former ASU student-athletes attended the 2016 summer games in RIO, either as a coach or athlete. 33 Sun Devils have top-of-the-sport hall of fame status: 5 NFL, 10 College Football, 11 National College Baseball, 2 National Wrestling, 2 International Swimming, 1 Major League Baseball, 1 World Golf, 1 Golf Coaches of America.



In both sports and academia, ASU has a major rival called University of Arizona. The football game between the two universities is known as ‘The Duel in the Dessert’. After each game, the winner receives the ‘territorial cup’. One of America’s oldest trophies in any rivalry. Check out this video to learn more about this cool tradition:






Sports offered at ASU:

Men sports: baseball, basketball, football, golf, ice-hockey, swimming & diving, tennis, track, & field, cross country and wrestling.

Women’s sports: basketball, beach-volleyball, golf, gymnastics, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming & diving, tennis, track & field, cross country, triathlon, volleyball and water polo.

Do you want to learn more about the different sports programs of ASU? Click here.



According to the U.S. News College Rankings, ASU is the most innovative school of America. The university is also ranked 53th in ‘best public universities’. On average, the student-faculty ratio is 20: 1, and almost 40% of all lectures consist of less than 20 students. The five most popular studies are:

  • Business, management and marketing
  • Engineering
  • Social Sciences
  • Biological and Biomedical sciences
  • Visual and Performing Arts

Are you curious about all the studies and majors that ASU offers at a bachelor’s and master’s level? Check out the academic website here and click here to see if your field of study (major) is offered.



The campus

Campuses in America are (often) gigantic and own special facilities. This also applies to the ASU campus. ASU doesn’t only offer housing, but also offers a wide range of sports centers. In addition, ASU does not have 1 campus, it has 4 of them! Downtown Phoenix Campus, Polytechnic Campus, Tempe Campus and West Campus. The Tempe campus is the most famous campus, and it’s also the campus where Lieske studies. This campus offers more than 100 majors and contains all the sports facilities. Check the campus tour of ASU Tempe in the video below and let it sink in…… You can see yourself walking around there, right?!




Sports & recreation

The most famous stadium of ASU is the Sun Devil Stadium, which has a capacity of 53,599. As you already know, ASU is America’s most innovative school. But did you also know that the school hung up new stadium billboards in 2017 with the latest technologies that look like a space center cinema? Besides that, the campus has its own Desert Financial Arena. This multipurpose stadium is used by the basketball team, volleyball team, gymnastics team and wrestling team. ASU also owns the impressive Mona Plummer Aquatic Center. This incredible swimming facility contains 3 Olympic baths and a diving facility with 3 differents heights to dive from. ASU earned a place in the Slamstox top-6 best golf facilities with the Papago Golf Course. Lieske plays at the Sun Devil Soccer Stadium. This stadium is equipped with an office for the coach, fitness room, space for press conferences and dressing rooms. Damn!


Palm Walk

Palm walk is a popular gateway on the ASU campus and has been around for over 100 years. It is popular not only among students, but also among employees, teachers, or just visitors. Palm Walk is the most photographed hotspot on the campus. The path goes from the University Bridge in the north all the way to the Sun Devil Fitness Complex in the south. Palm Walk has more than 150 palm trees.


Other statistics

  • ASU has a bachelor student population of 42,844 and a total student population of 51,585
  • 26% of the students live on campus
  • Phil Mickelson studied here, World Golf Hall of Fame
  • Reggie Jackson studied here, Baseball Hall of Fame
  • James Harden studied here, National Basketball Association All-star




Wearing gold on Fridays

In America, many students are proud of their university. At ASU, teachers, students and other employees wear gold on Fridays to show their ASU pride!


 Lantern Walk

A century-old tradition of ASU which is still honored today. A day before ‘homecoming’, all former and current students hike to the top of the mountain with lanterns. At the top of the mountain there is a cozy gathering where stories are told and ASU traditions are kept alive.


Devils in Disguise

ASU has a service day every year that has been going on for the past 17 years. Students and student organizations are asked to work one day for various social projects. A great way to give back to the community!


The Fight Song: Maroon and Gold

Fight, Devils down the field!
Fight with your might and don’t ever yield.
Long may our colors outshine all others.
Echo from the buttes, give ’em Hell Devils!
Cheer, cheer for A–S–U.
Fight for the Old Maroon.
For it’s hail, hail, the gang’s all here
And it’s onward to victory!



It might not surprise you that Lieske is having an incredible time at ASU and that she’s doing great things for her team and for the university! ASU is definitely not a bad place to go to school for a few years while playing the sport that you love. In fact, we might even be a bit jealous of Lieske for this incredible opportunity. She worked extremely hard to get there, though!

Do you want to become a student-athlete at ASU or would you like to have some more information about begin a studen-athlete in the US? Contact us to discuss your possibilities!