Aron Koning

Aron Koning is a Dutch middle distance runner who has developed himself tremendously over the course of his career. He started running in 2012 and his current PB's are 1:55.73 on the 800m and 2:36 on the 1000m.


Aron graduated from high school in the spring of 2018, is currently in his first year of Dutch university and is interested in joining a college TF & XC team in the fall of 2019.

Just about a year ago, Aron was initially not selected to run in the Nationals, but still got the chance to participate at the national indoor championships and ran a time of 2:04 on the 800m. This year, he improved his time and to 1:55.73.

Aron has improved his time on the 800m by 9 seconds last year and with 3 seconds in the years before, without facing injuries. This year, Aron won the 10th av pec 1910 indoor race and beat the number 4 and 5 in the country.

Aron is currently in his final year of high school and will graduate in the spring of 2018. He is a good student who works hard on the track and in the classroom. Since Aron is still improving himself every year, he is looking for a school where he can continue developing himself and get the most out of himself. Aron is known to be a hard worker with a great sense of discipline. Due to his drive to improve himself and the passion he has for the sport, Aron is very coachable and easy to work with. Aron is currently interested to pursue a degree in international business and marketing.

His current personal records are:
400m: 00:51.7
800m: 1:55.73
1000m: 2:36
5k cross: 16:30

Aron's progression on the 800m has been impressive:
2014: 2:11 - 2015: 2:08 - 2016: 2:04 - 2017: 1:58 - 2018: 1:55
We believe he has the motivation and physical ability to keep improving over the next few years.

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Sport: Track & Field
Country: Netherlands
Available: Fall 2019
GPA: 3.6
SAT: 1210
TOEFL: 102
Transfer Student


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