Daan Coppelmans

Daan Coppelmans is a left-handed Dutch tennis player looking to join an ambitious college tennis team in the Spring of 2018. Daan has a powerful serve, a dominant forehand and very strong volleys. He enjoys competing in teams and loves to play doubles.


Daan is a hard worker and an excellent student. He has been ranked inside the top 20 junior players of the southern region in the Netherlands. Daan wants to continue developing his tennis skills while combining it with an education in the US.

Daan currently plays club league tennis at ETV Volley in the Netherlands and trains with the Amjoy Tennis Academy. He loves to play an attacking game with his serve and forehand, and has strong volleys to finish points at the net. Daan has very good hands, generates fast racquet-head speed and loves to compete with his team. He has achieved numerous strong singles and doubles wins in Dutch open men's tournaments and is ready to further develop his game in the US.

Academically, Daan is graduating in June 2017 from the highest Dutch high school level of VWO. He has taken the SAT and TOEFL tests in the spring of 2017 (please see details for the scores). Daan has a very positive mindset, is down-to-earth and a great guy to hang out with.

If you are interested in contacting Daan directly, please feel feel to e-mail him at daan.coppelmans@gmail.com.


Check out some of Daan's highlights and further details for a quick overall impression.

Sport: Tennis
Country: Netherlands
Available: Spring 2018
GPA: 3.7
SAT: 1180


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