Emma Goedkoop

Currently at Sam Houston State University

Emma Goedkoop is a left-handed Dutch tennis player who has been consistently ranked among the top 5 girls in the country, her highest ranking being #4. She has appeared in the finals of the Dutch National Doubles Championships twice, claiming one national title. Emma is currently in her final year of high school (VWO level) and is interested to join a Division 1 college tennis team in the Fall of 2019.


Emma has won the Dutch National Junior Doubles Championships and has been rated as high as 10.7 UTR.

With her consistent groundstrokes, quick footwork around the court and no-quitter attitude, Emma would make an all-round addition to a college team both in singles and doubles. Some of her wins include a 6-4, 6-1 victory over Laura Rijkers (University of Arkansas, UTR 9.96) in 2018, and a 6-2 6-2 win over Danique Havermans (UTR 9.25).
Emma is currently ranked #67 in the national rankings and earned a career high of #49 on the Dutch national women’s rankings. Besides competing nationally, Emma has also been active on the international tour playing several ITF Junior tournaments that earned her a career high ranking of #1460. She has been rated as high as 10.7 UTR. Due to a wrist injury she wasn't able to play enough tournaments to keep her rating up, but we believe she definitely has the level and much potential to further develop in college.

Emma is currently a top student at Gymnasium Camphusianum, where she has earned a 3.5 GPA, placing her among the highest 5% performing students in the country. She is interested to pursue a degree either in law, economics or communications, and would love to compete for a Division 1 college team.


Check out some of Emma's highlights for a quick overall impression

Sport: Tennis
Country: Netherlands
Available: Fall 2019
GPA: 3.5
SAT: 1100


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