Eran Johansen

Eran Johansen is a Dutch, two-footed, offensive midfielder currently playing for the U19 team of VV Spijkenisse in the Netherlands. Eran has graduated high school in the spring of 2020 and is interested in joining an ambitious college soccer team in the fall of 2020.


Eran is a hard working, fit and creative #10 who sees the opportunities and is spotting the open spaces quickly. He is always in control of his moves and actions, knows how to coach his teammates and has strong ability to play offensive soccer. In the last couple of years he consistently either was the top scorer or among the 3 top scorers of the team.

Since a young age Eran has been working very hard on improving his soccer skills. He currently trains 4 times a week and in his spare time he works on improving his physical strength. He has developed excellent technical skills (two-footed), good vision and a strong physique resulting in being a player that makes the difference.

Eran always played in the highest ranked teams of his age. He has played for multiple Dutch teams including Alexandria ’66 and SC Feyenoord (first division) before joining vv Spijkenisse. He has skipped a year in the juniors to play on a higher level and became captain of a selected regional team in 2 consecutive years by different coaches. He also got scouted by the Dutch national soccer association (KNVB) to play for the youth teams. Eran has some experience as a #6 and #8 player as well.

In 2019 his team won the KNVB-cup (Dutch national cup) and ended 2nd place in the second highest national division. Eran wants to play and train as much as possible at the highest level to optimally develop himself as an offensive midfielder. Eran’s ultimate goal is to become a professional soccer player. He is interested in majors related to healthcare.

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Sport: Soccer
Country: Netherlands
Available: Fall 2020
GPA: 2.8
SAT: 970
TOEFL: coming soon


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