Esmee Verdoes

Esmee is a technical and fast left-mid/forward who currently plays as #9 for Noordwijkse H.C. MB1 in the Dutch National League.


Esmee excels on her speed and starting counter attacks on the left. She easily starts the attack by using her speed and quick hands. Esmee is a very technical player who is aware of the game. She decides whether to go full force or shift the field and keep the poise – and she would love to improve on this even more.

Her team won the JIPHT tournament in 2019 – which is a tournament only for first class, national sub-top, national top and national league teams. Esmee’s team started in the first class, worked hard to go to the National Top-League, made it to Super B and has climbed up to level they are at right now - where they won 8/10 games at the highest national level this fall season. With a base of only 13 players in a rapidly growing team – she has learned what teamwork is really about. Esmee was coached by players from the Noordwijkse H.C. First men’s team and a HT3 coach.
Esmee is currently in her last year of studying HAVO at Teylingen College Leeuwenhorst. She’s looking to join an academically and athletically challenging program with her twin sister Jasmijn, who has always played on the same team, in Fall 2020.

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Sport: Field Hockey
Country: Netherlands
Available: Fall 2020
GPA: 3.4
SAT: 930
TOEFL: coming soon


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