Jesse Grandia

Currently at ASA Miami

Jesse Grandia is a hard working Dutch tennis player who graduated from high school in the spring of 2018. He is looking to join an ambitious junior college team with coaches that can develop his level further and where he can combine his academics with playing high level tennis.


Jesse currently holds a 3.8 Dutch rating and won 18 out of his last 19 matches. He has incredibly improved over the last months and is keen on further developing his game in college.

Jesse didn't start playing tennis regularly until he was 13 years old, and his improved rapidly since then.
Out of his last 16 tournaments, Jesse reached 12 finals and won 7 of them. He has improved his Dutch rating from 5,0 to 3,8 within a year.
While coaching at Tennis Academy Brabant with coaches including Stijn de Gier (Danielle Collins' coach at Australian Open) Jesse has improved his tennis and his physique.
He likes to dictate points with his forehand, is mentally strong and very motivated to develop his game and to help out his team.

Jesse graduated high school in the spring of 2018 with a 2.5 GPA and took a gap year during which he really started working on his tennis.
Jesse will not have an SAT score but scored 91 on the TOEFL. Please check out the details section for more information about his academics.
He is looking for a motivated and ambitious junior college tennis team where he can further develop and potentially transfer to a 4 year university.

If you are interested in recruiting Jesse, please reach out to Pedro at


Check out some of Jesse's highlights and details for a quick overall impression

Sport: Tennis
Country: Netherlands
Available: Fall 2019
GPA: 2.5
SAT: n/a


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