Joëlle Tabernal

Joëlle Tabernal is a Dutch right-handed tennis player looking for a college tennis opportunity starting in the Fall of 2020. Joelle has been ranked as high as top 150 in the Dutch women's rankings. She is physically strong and has a lot of potential to further develop.


Joëlle has been improving her game consistently over the last few years. She is a very open and positive girl with a great mindset and leadership potential. She will graduate the highest level of Dutch high school (VWO) in the spring of 2020.

Joëlle started playing at the age of 8. She currently trains at BK Tennis (Slamstox Partner) with former Dutch Davis Cup captain Tjerk Bogtstra. She has improved rapidly over the last few years and would like to continue doing so in an ambitious college tennis team.

Her most prominent qualities in tennis are her speed and her forehand. Joëlle has strong and fast legs for tennis and can therefore get to the ball quickly. She has a lot of variation as well as power in her forehand.
In matches she is very decisive during the important moments by maintaining good control and steadiness in her point construction.

We believe that Joëlle has a lot of upside by playing more matches and tournaments. While it is difficult to play many tournaments in the Netherlands only, a college career can help her achieve her goals much better. Her athletic goals in the US are to improve her tennis game and to enjoy the progress. By playing a lot of tennis in the US she wants to achieve the highest level possible for herelf. After her college career, Joëlle wants to continue playing tennis on the level she has then reached and she would like to obtain a masters degree after her bachelors.

Joëlle has won multiple regional tournaments in the Netherlands.
Her best win last year was a win over Michelle de Haan (UTR 9, East Tennessee State) 63 36 64.

She is interested in studying psychology, marketing and/or business. Please check out the details section for more information about her academics.

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Sport: Tennis
Country: Netherlands
Available: Fall 2020
GPA: 3.5
SAT: coming soon


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