Kirsten Wijnsema

Kirsten Wijnsema is a Dutch, right-handed tennis player interested in joining a college tennis team starting in the Fall of 2020. She has competed in regional open tournaments and national women’s ranking tournaments and will graduate Dutch high school in the spring of 2020.


Kirsten is an all-round baseline player with a steady forehand and backhand. In the United States, she hopes to become stronger physically in order to be more aggressive on the court and dominate the points. Kirsten is in her last year of high school at the VWO level, the highest level of secondary education in the Netherlands.

Although Kirsten has not played many national women’s tournaments, she is ranked #215 in the Netherlands. She is also active at the regional level, competing in open tournaments in categories 3 and 4. Kirsten is a hard-working student and player with an upbeat personality. She is eager to improve as a player in all aspects: especially mentally and physically. Her no-quit attitude and willingness to work hard both as a player and as a student will make her a great addition to your team.

UTR Profile:

Best 2019 matches:
- VS Valerie Griffejoen (UTR 8.06): 36 75 26
- VS Anna Boonstra (UTR 7.76): 36 61 64
- VS Saskia Vogelzang (UTR 7.18): 64 63
- VS Fleur Blank (UTR 6.52): 57 61 76

Kirsten is interested in pursuing a biology, chemistry or medical related field. Please check out her details for more information about her academics.
If you are interested in recruiting Kirsten, feel free to reach out to Pedro at for more information.


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Sport: Tennis
Country: Netherlands
Available: Fall 2020
GPA: 3.9
SAT: 1120
TOEFL: 100


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