Kjell Segers

Kjell Segers is a very consistent Dutch long-distance runner specialized in 800m, 1500m and 3000m. Kjell is looking forward to joining an ambitious track & field team to further work on his running while combining it with a high level education.


Kjell is very motivated and willing to improve his running technique to get the most out of his career in the States. He is currently in his last year of bilingual high school (Dutch / English) in the Netherlands.

He started his athletic career at the age of 12 and started specializing in mid-distance events at the age of 14. Kjell ran his first national championship at the age of 15 and kept on competing each year while gaining more experience. During his second national championship, Kjell managed to finish 4th on the 1500m u18. Kjell still improves his personal bests every year and he intends to keep on doing this in the US. He is working very hard on his finishing with his personal coaches. Kjell has a very high level of consistency as well as he always runs his races close to his personal bests. We believe he has a lot of potential to further improve in college.
Kjell’s current personal bests include:

800m: 1:59
1500m: 4:05
3000m: 9:25

Kjell wants to improve his speed and endurance and is sure he can improve his personal best on the 3000m. While he is looking for an ambitious track & field team, Kjell is also looking for a strong academic program where he can finish a bachelor degree.

For more information about Kjell’s academics, check out the details section. If you are interested in recruiting Kjell, feel free to reach out to pedro@slamstox.com.


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Sport: Track & Field
Country: Netherlands
Available: Fall 2020
GPA: 3.5
SAT: 1120
Full English student


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