Linda Alzate Ramirez

Linda Alzate Ramirez is a middle long distance runner focused on the 1500m and 5k events. She has participated in nearly all Dutch championships as a junior athlete and is interested in joining an ambitious college track & field team starting in the Fall of 2019.


While focusing on the 1500m events and 5k events, Linda is a fanatic XC runner and is very disciplined and ambitious to get the most out of her running career.

Before Linda turned 16 years old, she was active in many different track & field events. At the age of 16, she started completely focussing on XC and middle distances.
As a result, her personal records have been improved by quite a bit over the last years, and currently include the following:

800m: 2:17
1500m: 4:37
5k: 17:44

Linda is currently in her last year of Dutch MBO college. Please check out the details section for more information about her academics.
If you are interested in recruiting Linda, please reach out to our team member Pedro at


Check out some of Linda's highlights and further details for a quick overall impression

Sport: Track & Field
Country: Netherlands
Availability: Fall 2019
GPA: coming soon
SAT: coming soon
TOEFL: coming soon


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