Norhan Hesham

Norhan Hesham is a high level Egyptian player with international experience. She has beaten nearly all of the Egyptian fed cup players and is interested in joining a high level college tennis team starting in the fall of 2020.


Norhan has an all-round and complete game and we believe she has a lot of potential to further improve in college. She has been ranked as high as 774 on the ITF junior tour and 1676 on the ITF women's tour.

Norhan started playing at Smash Tennis Academy (Slamstox Partner) in Cairo, Egypt in 2015.
She has improved rapidly and has consistently been ranked amongst the best Egyptian girls in all age groups.
Her strengths include her serve, ability to change pace with slices and she has very good hands.

Some of her best wins include:

vs Ola Abo Zekry (UTR 10): 63 62
vs Dona Abohabaga (UTR 10): 64 62 & 75 76(2)
vs Han Shi (UTR 10): 16 61 63
vs Maria Charl (UTR 10): 64 63

We know Norhan to be committed to her tennis and her ultimate goal is to turn pro after college.
Even though her results are not always as consistent, she has showed that she can beat top players.
Check her UTR profile here:

Norhan is interested in business-related majors. For more information about her academics, please check out the details section.


Check out some of Norhan's highlights and further details for a quick overall impression

Sport: Tennis
Country: Egypt
Available: Fall 2020
GPA: 3.4
SAT: 1070


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