Sophie Groen

Sophie Groen is a Dutch, left-handed tennis player interested in joining a college tennis team starting in the Fall of 2020. She is mainly active in Dutch open tournaments and will graduate Dutch high school in the spring of 2020.


Sophie is an aggressive player with a big lefty serve and a relatively flat, pressing forehand. She likes to dictate the point and take the balls fast to take away time from her opponents. Sophie moves very well and has a good conditioning, which makes her very effective in third set matches..

During the summer of 2019, Sophie has won one category 4 tournament and reached the semifinals of two higher-level category 3 tournaments. Besides competing in open tournaments, she also played national women’s tournaments and earned a national women's ranking of 125 in the Netherlands. Sophie is looking for a college where she can reach her potential as a tennis player and simultaneously earn a respected academic degree.

Please check out the link to her UTR Profile:

Some of her notable results include the following (not all results are in the UTR system yet):

Win vs Pippa Bosman (UTR 7.56): 64 60
Win vs Ana Jocelijn Cavero Roeper (UTR 7.33): 63 36 62
Win vs Nienke Hermans (UTR 6.62): 63 63
Win vs Kimerly Dol (UTR 6.67): 64 26 64
Win vs Yara Hamerling (UTR 7.54): 64 16 61
Win vs Saskia van Beijnum (UTR 6.56): 46 62 63
Win vs Michelle Hoogenstein (UTR 8.48); 61 63
Loss to Anastasia Priadkina (UTR 8.32): 36 62 06

Sophie's major is still undeclared. Please check out her details for more information about her academic results.
If you are interested in recruiting Sophie, feel free to reach out to Pedro at for more information.


Check out some of Sophie's highlights and further details for a quick overall impression

Sport: Tennis
Country: Netherlands
Available: Fall 2020
GPA: 2.7
SAT: 980


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