Stijn Paardekooper

Stijn Paardekooper, born 2003, is a top Dutch tennis player interested in joining a college tennis team starting in the Fall of 2020. He recently won the national championship in doubles and ended 2019 as the number 3 in the Dutch rankings U16. Stijn will graduate high school in the spring of 2020.


Stijn is a 6'3 tall, right-handed player with a big serve and aggressive ground strokes. He always looks to dominate the rally from the start to be able to finish the point at the net with his strong volleys. In the past year, Stijn has made a tremendous jump in the Dutch rankings due to his results in both singles and doubles play.

Being consistently ranked among the 10 best players of his age, Stijn knows what it is like to compete at the highest level. In December 2019, he reached the quarter finals of the national championships under 18 and won the championships in doubles. Despite his successes, Stijn is still young and recognizes there is room for improvement in his game: physical strength, footwork and a more dominant forehand. He is eager to improve those areas in a professional environment in the United States while pursuing a degree that matches his academic level. His goal is to enter the ATP tour after graduating college.

UTR Profile:
ITF Profile:

Best wins:
- VS Karol Malirz (UTR 11.16): 62 67 10-4
- VS Alfrendo Vogelaar (UTR 10.84): 62 64
- VS Christopher Lam (UTR 10.71); 63 75

Stijn is interested in pursuing a degree relating to business management or marketing. Please check out his details for more information about his academics.
If you are interested in recruiting Stijn, feel free to reach out to Pedro at for more information.


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Sport: Tennis
Country: Netherlands
Available: Fall 2020
GPA: 2.7
SAT: 980
TOEFL: coming soon


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