Thom van der Sluijs

Thom van der Sluijs (December 2002) is a Dutch athlete ranked inside the top 10 of the Dutch Junior Golf Rankings U21. He played soccer from the age of 5 but decided to fully focus on golf at the end of 2016. Shortly afterwards, he was selected to play in the Dutch National Golf Team U16. In a short period of only three years, Thom has shown great development as a player and a person. His goal is to play professional golf after college and to become the number 1 golf player in the world. Thom is interested in joining a competitive college golf team starting in the Fall of 2022.


Thom is currently ranked 244 U18 on the EGR. His scoring average is 74 and steadily improving. His lowest score so far is a 64. His strengths are his driving distance, his short game and his never-give-up mentality. We believe that Thom has tremendous potential to further develop in college.

Sports have always been a big part of Thom’s life. He is athletic and played soccer for nine years at a very competitive level in the Netherlands, winning multiple regional championships with his team. From 2017, Thom fully focused on golf and started playing nearly every day. In three years, he improved his handicap from 9.5 to 0.0.

He now plays national and international tournaments for juniors and men and has won several of them. In 2019, he won the national championships in the Dutch Boys Team Competition (U21), won 3 individual tournaments, set 16 additional top 10 finishes including 3 top 5 finishes in international tournaments, and ranked 8th on the Dutch Junior Rankings U21. In 2020, in the period before Covid-19, Thom played 3 international tournaments and played well with a top-15, top-5 and top-3 finish.

His current golf statistics include:
- average driving distance 280m (306,2 yards)
- driving accuracy percentage (FIR) 51%
- greens in regulation (GIR) percentage 63%
- putting average (GIR) 1,8 putts
- putting average (all putts) 1,7 putts
- birdie average 2,9 per round
- scoring average 74
- best score 64

Thom believes that all aspects of his game can be improved continuously. In his first years as a golfer, he focused on developing his technical skills and course management. Now that his physique is maturing, he is working very hard on the physical aspect of the game to enhance his swing speed while maintaining his technical positions. Thom is eager to learn and with a professional team of technical, mental, physical and nutrition coaches, he works on all aspects of his game to optimally prepare himself for college.

Thom is intrinsically motived and works in a very disciplined way, and is also a true team player. Thom has a friendly and open personality and connects easily with people. We believe these characteristics would fit in well within a college golf environment.

His tournament schedule for the upcoming months after Covid-19 will mainly comprise international WAGR ranked tournaments in The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Portugal and Spain.

Thom is currently studying at the highest level of high school in the Netherlands (VWO). He attends a school that allows him to practice close to 40 hours a week. He plans on graduating in July 2022 and wants to join an ambitious college golf team in the Fall of 2022. Thom finds his studies important and wants to major in International Business, Economics or Business administration.

Height 183 cm (6 ft)
Weight 73 kg (161 lbs)

If you are interested in recruiting Thom or if you would like to learn more about him, please contact us for more information and his contact details!


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Sport: Golf
Country: Netherlands
Available: Fall 2022
GPA: 3.21
SAT: coming soon
TOEFL: coming soon


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