Tycho Janssen

Tycho Janssen is a Dutch and right-handed tennis player interested in joining a college tennis team starting in the Fall of 2020. He wants to join a college team to get the most out of his tennis and academic careers on a highly competitive level. His anticipated graduation date is in June, 2020.


Tycho is a player with good technique and touch, who loves the game of tennis. He is creative in shot selection and can get his opponents off balance. In the US, he’d like to work on his speed and on staying in rallies longer against higher-level players who push him from side to side.

Although Tycho has not competed internationally, he has done well on the national and regional levels, winning Dutch open tournaments in the category 4 and reaching the semis in national 2-star junior tournaments. He has also competed in the second division of the regional men’s league. Besides being a competitive tennis player, Tycho played soccer as a junior and was the captain of his team. He thrives in team environments and Tycho is an outstanding student. He attends the highest level of Dutch secondary education and with his GPA, ranks amongst the top 5% in the country.

UTR Profile: https://www.myutr.com/profiles/1076803

Selected wins:

- VS Tim van Delft (UTR 7.90): 63 63
- VS Sander Klaasen (UTR 7.84); 63 62

Tycho is interested in pursuing a degree in business or economics. Please check out his details for more information about his academics.
If you are interested in recruiting Tycho, feel free to reach out to Pedro at pedro@slamstox.com for more information.


Check out some of Tycho's highlights and further details for a quick overall impression

Sport: Tennis
Country: Netherlands
Available: Fall 2020
GPA: 3.73
SAT: 1230
TOEFL: 102


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