Athlete Stories

#ringszn & #ringchasing might be the two most popular Instagram hashtags among student-athletes in the United States. You will come across these #’s during or right before college teams in the U.S. compete in their important conference tournaments. It’s every team’s goal to win this tournament – it’s what coaches and their players care about most. Winning does not only qualify teams to advance to the national NCAA Championships. As everything else in the U.S., it also comes with a prize: rings!

Since only one trophy is given to the champions to take home, U.S. sports leagues like the NCAA also want to reward the winning team’s individual members. The true American way to do this is to give every player a ring as a collectible memento to remember the victory. But it’s not just a regular ring you buy at the jeweler. No, it’s a big, fat, shiny, championship ring with your college’s logo on it and your own name engraved into its sides. It’s a ring to post on Instagram right after victory; to wear on campus the weeks after; to hold on to the rest of your life!

Many Slamstox athletes have won their own championship rings. Slamstox founder Pedro Mol even owns three of them! And most recently, Slamstox swimmer Nyls Korstanje of North Carolina State won the Atlantic Coast Conference championship with his team and won his very own ring!

Congrats Nyls!