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College tennis: for anyone?

No, unfortunately, college tennis is not for anyone. However, it may be more accessible than you think.

A data research study conducted by Universal Tennis examined all player ratings across all collegiate divisions and found that there are many opportunities for a wide range of players, both men’s and women’s.



All players active during the Fall 2019 season in collegiate divisions were examined: NCAA D1, D2 & D3 as well as the NAIA, CCCAA and NJCIA. The results have shown that college tennis is accessible for players who rank as low as a UTR 2.0 to players ranked as high as a 14 UTR and above. In other words, the level of college tennis varies greatly between divisions, and so, playing college tennis is possible for many!



Check out the UTR website to find out your UTR and read their article for more graphs and details that show you what division you will fit in.

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