Gijs Akkermans

Gijs Akkermans is a Dutch, right-handed tennis player interested in joining a college tennis team starting in the Fall of 2020. He has reached his best results in the past two years, resulting in a top 60 spot on the national men’s ranking. Gijs will graduate Dutch MBO education in the spring of 2020.


Gijs is a true team player who loves long practice hours to get the most out of himself and the ones around him. He is quick around the court with a pressing forehand and backhand, and he is the kind of player who will run for every ball, no matter the score.

Gijs is extremely steady in the rally and knows how to win matches. He has made very impressive strides since he has started to become physically stronger in the past two years. With a UTR of 12.11 and a top 60 men's ranking in the Netherlands, he has become one of the college prospects with the most potential. In 2018, Gijs became runner-up in the Dutch National Doubles Championships, and in 2019, he reached his second finals of a national men’s tournament, landing him the #58 spot on the Dutch men’s rankings. In the spring of 2019, Gijs led his club team to a first place in the national hoofdklasse league. He won 7 out of 7 singles matches against multiple top 100 players, leading his team to promotion to the national Eredivisie comprised of the best 8 men's tennis teams in the country.
Gijs’ drive, athletic ability and all-round game has much stretch. He is a hard worker, never complains and always gets the most out of every minute of practice. He hopes to become a more aggressive player and reach his potential in a college team with an all-in mindset.

UTR Profile:

Selected wins:

- VS Marcel Hornung (UTR 12.20): 64 75
- VS Jordy Visser – NMSU (UTR 11.97) 63 36 63
- VS Edward Etty (UTR 11.53); 64 62
- VS Kayne Trustfull (UTR 12 / Saint Leo) 61 63
- VS Raphael Mujan (UTR 11.16): 62 64
- Loss to Tim van der Horst (UTR 12.90) 36 63 36
- Loss to Justin Eleveld (UTR 13.85) 67 36

Gijs is interested in pursuing a business and/or sports related field. Please check out his details for more information about his academics.
If you are interested in recruiting Gijs, feel free to reach out to Pedro at for more information.


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Sport: Tennis
Country: Netherlands
Available: Fall 2020
GPA: coming soon
SAT: 960
TOEFL: coming soon


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