Athlete Stories
Around & About #7: University of Nevada, Reno

Slamstox tennis player Roos van Reek is one of the University of Nevada’s twenty thousand students. But she is not just a student, she is a student-athlete. Together with her fellow Dutchie and roommate Josien Wijkhuijs, who is a swimmer¬† for the Nevada Wolfpack, she shows you around the beautiful campus of the Reno-based university.

Before she left the Netherlands, Roos was one of the best Dutch female tennis players, being ranked as high as #3 in the country. To make the most out of both her tennis and academic careers, she made the big step to become a student-athlete in the United States. In only two months, Slamstox helped Roos to get a scholarship for Reno’s high-achieving women’s tennis team. Roos is now in her second year.

Want to know what it is like to live, play tennis (or swim) and study at a university pictured above? Watch Roos and Josiens’s video to see!

Do you, just like Roos, want to combine sports and studies in the United States? Reach out to Slamstox to discuss you opportunities!