What does GPA mean?

American college coaches often ask you for your GPA. Once in the United States, you will encounter this term a lot too. But what does GPA really mean? Why is it important? And what do I need it for?

GPA stands for ‘Grade Point Average.’ During the recruiting proces, coaches want to know your GPA because universities need it to determine whether you meet the academic entry requirements of the school. In order to be admitted, you will need to send your official high school transcripts to the admissions office of the university you are applying for. Slamstox guides you through this process to make sure the universities receive exactly what they need to determine your application status.

But you don’t only encounter the term GPA during the recruiting process – it is also very important when you are active as a student-athlete in the States. At American universities, the grading system works differently compared to that of other countries. Your GPA can range from 1.0 to 4.0, with 1.0 being the lowest and 4.0 being the highest possible average. Your GPA is determined by a formula which translates your test grades (A through F) to the number scale just discussed.

To be eligible to compete in games and matches for your university you have to meet the GPA minimum set by the NCAA, which differs per NCAA division. The GPA minimum in Division 1 is set at 2.3 while in Division 2, a 2.0 GPA is sufficient to be allowed to compete.

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