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Tennis and university in America: a good option for Laura Rijkers

A few months ago, Laura Rijkers left to play tennis and study in America. The dream to play tennis and study in America was there and this ‘Veldhovense’ has been able to make this happen. She became a part of the Arkansas University Razorbacks and currently plays at position # 3. Playing tennis and studying has always been a big part of Laura’s life. Laura also made this combination during her time in high school (Sint Joris College) and she wanted to continue developing her tennis and school talents in that line.

Until now, playing tennis and studying in America is good for Laura. As she indicated herself “the level is tough and the training sessions tough”. This fits well with playing tennis and studying in America. The level keeps getting higher.

Slamstox has gone through the process from A to Z with Laura. Tennis and studying in America is something she wanted and we are happy that we have been able to support her with this process. Tennis and studying in America takes you to different places. Laura’s team has already visited the following places: Los Angeles, Tulsa, Nashville and Oxford.

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