Slamstox eventAugust 1 – 3 | College Tennis Showcase – at Michigan State

August 1 – 3 | College Tennis Showcase – at Michigan State

Showcase your tennis skills to college coaches from across the country and earn a scholarship during the Showcase!

Start 01.08.2023 12:00 End 03.08.2023 12:00


Michigan State University   -   See map

Slamstox College Tennis Showcase at Michigan State

The Slamstox College Tennis Showcase is an official tournament for all tennis players interested in playing college tennis. During this event, college tennis coaches will travel to Michigan State University to scout and meet new players for their team at this event. With the USTA B18 and B16 National Hard Court Championships starting August 4th only 90 minutes away in Kalamazoo, this is the perfect chance to both showcase your skills to college coaches and sharpen your game for the tournament.  Are you ready for this unique opportunity? Sign up here!

During the tournament, boys and girls are allowed to compete, with the minimum age of participation being 13 years old. The showcase will take place from August 1st to 3rd and will include both singles and doubles matches. The showcase is an official UTR tournament, so all matches will count for your UTR. During the Slamstox Tennis Showcase, there is a possibility to connect with college coaches in person and get invited to have meetings with them.

Lastly, a very unique part of this opportunity is that August 1st is the first opportunity for college coaches to legally meet with rising high school juniors in person, off campus, per NCAA rules.  This means you will get a chance at a great first impression for coaches looking to add to their 2025 classes, an opportunity not available anywhere else!

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Tuesday August 1 

  • 12pm Check in
  • 2pm-6pm Singles and doubles matches
  • 7:30pm Player and parent’s seminar on the recruiting process

Wednesday August 2

  • All day: Singles and doubles matches
  • Optional: Michigan State campus tour
  • Optional: opportunity to film your recruiting video
  • 6:30pm Coaches Q&A roundtable for players and parents

Thursday August 3 

  • 9am-12pm: Singles and doubles matches
  • End of showcase

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Why participate?

If you are interested in playing college tennis, you should sign up and participate in the Slamstox Showcase! Why?

  • The best chance to showcase yourself in front of college coaches
  • Guaranteed high level matches every day; prepare for USTA B18 and B16 National Hard Court Championships
  • Improve your UTR, one of the criteria for college tennis
  • The unique experience to personally meet and connect with college coaches in person
  • Meet and network with other college tennis players
  • Get to know the ins & outs of college tennis and Slamstox
  • The opportunity to play on the tennis courts of Michigan State University and see a top college campus
  • And much more!

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Match format

The showcase matches will be played according to the college format. This means that all doubles matches will be played in a 1 set format. The singles matches are played in a best of 3 format, with a champions tiebreak as a deciding set. On deuce points, a deciding point will be played. There will be no let serves!

The showcase is an official UTR tournament, and all matches will count towards your UTR rating. UTR is an important aspect for college coaches when recruiting players for their teams.

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Good to know

The showcase will be held on the (outside) tennis courts of Michigan State University.  In the case of inclement weather, indoor backup will be available. There is also a hotel option with a discount available close to the venue.  Please contact us at Slamstox for more information.

We will create an awesome experience during our showcase. In return we expect 100% effort, enthusiasm and perseverance from you. Your parents are welcome to join as well. The showcase costs $349 (early bird, before July 1) or $399 (regular price, after July 1). Slamstox student-athletes will get a discount of 50% (If you join Slamstox after the showcase, you can still receive the discount).

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About Slamstox

Slamstox is a student-athlete company, based in the Netherlands and the US. For student-athletes, by student-athletes. We work with over 3,000 universities in the US to help our students to find the best university. Slamstox helps student-athletes in all different sports. Field hockey, soccer, track & field, volleyball, and a lot of tennis players. Most of our team members played college sport in the past, read more about their story and brand on this website.

Tanner Stump, is our lead agent in the US. Tanner joined Slamstox at the beginning of this year and is a former D1 tennis coach. With the Florida Gators, Tanner won the NCAA D1 national championship in 2021 and was named the ITA Assistant Coach of the year. He was one of the coaches of Ben Shelton during his time in college. Tanner’s experience and ambitions to help student-athletes excel in their academic and athletic careers, align very well with the international expansion plans of Slamstox. Check out this link to get to know him a bit better.

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