Slamstox is excited to introduce athletics at universities in Europe! Slamstox has started to provide student-athletes with the opportunity to combine sports and studies in various places in Europe! Are you a passionate athlete and would you like to explore a European city while obtaining a degree from an accredited university? Do you want to engage in competitive sports with other student-athletes? We are here to help!

Why play college sports in Europe?

In the Netherlands, it is challenging to combine sports and studies. In America, the concept of ‘college sports’ is a well-known concept. You can pursue high-level sports while studying at an American university. Nowadays, various European universities are offering the same concept. This means that as a student-athlete, you can now continue your high-level sports while pursuing a degree at a university in Europe.

How can we help?

We provide guidance to athletes (and their parents) throughout the entire process, so they are able to reach their full potential both academically and athletically at their own level in an international and competitive environment. We understand the importance for you to end up in a place that aligns with your desires, ambitions, and future goals.

Why study and play sports in Europe?

Do you want to challenge yourself and play sports at a high level? Are you looking for an international experience, but the United States is not an option or too far for you? Do you need a gap year filled with sports and an international network? Or perhaps you want to complete your entire degree abroad? The experiences you gain as a student-athlete in Europe are extremely valuable and will offer you various opportunities in the future. We fully support our student-athletes to find the perfect school that suits them academically and athletically. There are possibilities in many different sports and study fields.


Slamstox has several partnerships with universities in Europe. For instance, we collaborate with the Rome City Institute in Italy and the University of Stirling in Scotland. We also have partner universities in England and Spain. Over the last few years, there has been an increase in European universities that are providing their students an environment where they can combine high-level sports with their academics. Are you curious about what you can expect at a university in Europe? Contact us!

What are you waiting for?

Do you want to live in the city center of Rome? Would you like to have the Vatican in your backyard? Or are you more interested in studying in England? Perhaps you aim to work in London afterwards? Europe is the place for you! We would love to help you find the right university that aligns with your goals.

Did you know that various studies show that students who have studied abroad are more successful in finding a job? It has also been proven that an independent, proactive attitude is crucial for securing employment. This can easily be proven with your experience abroad on your CV!

Have you ever considered studying abroad? Or are you interested in finding out more? Fill in the form below, and we will get in touch with you quickly!