College tennis in the US is the ultimate way to combine high level tennis with your studies. Would you like to learn more about college tennis, the opportunities, requirements, and more? Check out this page or sign up for a personal meeting with our team!

College tennis in the USA

Over 1,100 universities in the United States offer tennis scholarships to guys and girls who would like to combine tennis and studies. Playing college tennis in the U.S. is the perfect way to improve your game, become stronger mentally and physically, build a network of international friends and earn a respected university degree which will lay the foundation for a successful career, whether on or off the court.

For many players, college tennis is a perfect pathway to professional tennis.

How does college tennis work?

College tennis is different than ‘regular’ tennis, both in organization and atmosphere. You don’t just play for yourself, but you represent your university’s team.

Each team typically consists of 8-12 guys or girls, who train with each other almost every day. With your team, you compete against other universities in league matches and tournaments. All teams try to qualify for the national tournament, which includes the country’s top 64 teams.

A typical college tennis match consists of two rounds of matches: three doubles followed by six singles matches – there will always be one winner. The rules in college tennis are a bit different: on-court coaching is allowed; the no-ad rule is maintained; and net serves are played.

Another big difference is the atmosphere. Team members and fans are very loud, support each other and often shout encouraging chants while the matches are going on – the energy level is high.

Slamstox college tennis players

Slamstox has placed more than 100 tennis players from 7 different countries at U.S. universities. Our Slamstox tennis players range from (inter)national top juniors like Lodewijk Weststrate and Isolde de Jong to players who are active at the regional and national levels, like Tycho Janssen and Dominique Yeo.

Our players attend universities all over the United States, from California to Florida to New York. Click here to see the full list of Slamstox tennis players.

College tennis fun facts

Did you know that..

  • If college tennis was a country, it would have the most players in the ATP top 300 in the world.
  • Every NCAA singles champion in the past 10 years has made it to the ATP top 500.
  • Each year, the NCAA singles champion (with the American nationality) receives a wildcard for the following U.S. Open Tournament. In 2019, NCAA Champion Paul Jubb from England received a Wildcard for Wimbledon.
  • The University of Gerogia’s Tennis Complex seats over 5,000 people.
  • The average age of a pro tennis player reaching the top 100 is 28 (male) and 26 (female) – that is one of the reasons why playing college tennis between the age of 18 and 22 is the perfect way to continue improving after your junior career.
  • In addition to college matches and tournaments, college tennis players get the opportunity to play between 15 and 20 ATP/WTA tournaments per year.
  • Slamstox has an exclusive partnership with Universal Tennis Ratings (UTR)? UTR is one of the most commonly used recruiting standards in college tennis and the best way to compare tennis players all over the world.
  • Slamstox organizes Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) tournaments as well as college tennis showcases and practices. These events are often attended and/or monitored by college tennis coaches who are recruiting players.
  • Slamstox will help set up a close collaboration between your junior coach in your country and your college coach to develop the ultimate program to improve your tennis skills while in the US and during your school holidays back home.
  • Slamstox team member Peter Lucassen (University of Southern California) is one of the most successful college tennis players ever? He has won the NCAA Division 1 championships four times in a row!
  • Slamstox founder Pedro Mol played college tennis? Pedro played for the University of North Carolina Wilmington and won the conference championships three out of four years!

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Requirements & scholarships

The college tennis system is divided into 7 different divisions. The level of tennis varies from top-500 ATP and WTA players in Division 1 to club and regional players in Division 3. Slamstox has placed national tennis champions as well as players with a Dutch tennis rating of 4 or 5. Based on your level and ambitions we will select a division and university that fits your profile.

Academic requirements

To play college tennis you have to graduate high school. Depending on your country and your academic background, we can select a university and a college tennis pathway that fits your academic standard.

American universities offer a wide range of courses catered towards different education levels. So, as long as you meet the requirements, we will be able to help you find a university that matches your level and your area of interest. Are you not sure whether you meet the requirements? Feel free to contact us.


Studying at an American university can cost up to $75,000 per year. However, almost all universities with a tennis team offer athletic (and academic) scholarships to cover these costs.

Slamstox helps you find scholarships so that your college tennis experience will be financially affordable. Some Slamstox tennis players receive full scholarships, which means they do not have to pay anything for four years of college tennis and studies. Others receive partial scholarships that cover part of the total cost of attendance. Your scholarship depends on your athletic level, academic level, wishes and ambitions.

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How does Slamstox help me?

Slamstox guides you and your parents through the complete process of becoming a college tennis player and we help you find tennis and academic scholarships at a university in the United States.

We create your full (online) player profile and use our expansive network of over 2,000 college tennis coaches to find a university that matches your level, wishes and requirements.

Additionally, we create your college tennis recruiting video, organize tournaments, showcases and practices, and we help set up a personalized tournament schedule which will put you on the radar of college coaches who are looking for new players.

Career opportunities after college tennis

After you finish your four years of college tennis, there are many different opportunities for you to pursue, either on or off the court. Some of the best college players, like John Isner and Danielle Collins, choose a professional tennis career, while others focus on a career in their field of study (business, healthcare, technology, politics, etc).

Did you know that Slamstox can help you find a job after your college career in the US? And that we help tennis players after their college careers to join the ATP or WTA tour?

Would you like to learn more about us and what we do? Click here.

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