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Universities we work with and Slamstox athletes: we put them in the spotlight! So curious about different universities and Q & As with student athletes? Read it here!

12 January, 2021 - 15:10 Post image

University Spotlight: Montana State University (MSU)

In this week’s spotlight: Montana State University and Daan van Dijk! The tennis talent from Bergen, who is already in 122nd place in the ...

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05 January, 2021 - 11:30 Post image

University Spotlight: Austin Peay State University (APSU)

The first University Spotlight for 2021: and we have chosen another great university with another great Slamstox athlete! This week, we're ...

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28 December, 2020 - 15:53 Post image

University Spotlight: Illinois State University (ISU)

In Normal, Illinois we find Illinois' oldest university: Illinois State University. And let that be the home base of one of our Slamstox a ...

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21 December, 2020 - 12:21 Post image

University Spotlight: Midland University (MU)

New Tuesday, new University Spotlight! This week you can read more about Midland University. A beautiful university located in Nebraska wh ...

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15 December, 2020 - 14:31 Post image

University Spotlight: Lenoir-Rhyne University (LR)

In this week's University Spotlight, we take a look at Lenoir-Rhyne University in North Carolina where the 22-year-old Slamstox tennis pl ...

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01 December, 2020 - 11:07 Post image

University Spotlight: Rutgers University (RU)

This week's University Spotlight is about Rutgers University (RU), the largest public university in the state of New Jersey! The universit ...

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16 November, 2020 - 13:49 Post image

University Spotlight: Liberty University

A new Tuesday evening, at Slamstox that means: a new University Spotlight! This week we take a look at one of America's largest universiti ...

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08 November, 2020 - 10:31 Post image

University Spotlight: Kent State University

This week we're going to Kent, Ohio for our University Spotlight. Here we will find Kent State University, the home of our golf talent and ...

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01 November, 2020 - 18:21 Post image

University Spotlight: University at Buffalo (UB)

In last weeks University Spotlight we talked about Hofstra University, this week we're going to talk about another university in the State ...

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25 October, 2020 - 18:44 Post image

University Spotlight: Hofstra University (HU)

In this week's spotlight: sisters Jasmijn and Esmee with the Hofstra University in New York! In addition to hockey-twins Peppe & Pleun ...

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18 October, 2020 - 08:58 Post image

University Spotlight: University of Louisville (UofL)

In this week's University Spotlight we are talking about diver Else Praasterink and her University of Louisville! This beautiful universit ...

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13 October, 2020 - 19:28 Post image

University Spotlight: New Mexico State University

In the meantime, autumn has started in the Netherlands, which means that the summer is over and that winter is coming. And yes, that makes ...

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06 October, 2020 - 15:19 Post image

University Spotlight: University of New Hampshire (UNH)

Every Tuesday we are placing a university in the Spotlight. This week we have selected a special one for you guys, once again! The Univers ...

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29 September, 2020 - 09:00 Post image

University Spotlight: University of Southern California (USC)

This week, we are going to talk about a special American university, with a special Slamstox connection! We're talking about one of the mo ...

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22 September, 2020 - 07:37 Post image

University Spotlight: Appalachian State University (App State)

The now 20-year-old Veerle van Heertum left Valkenswaard for an adventure in Boone, North Carolina in 2017. There she became part of 'The ...

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11 August, 2020 - 13:46 Post image

University Spotlight: High Point University (HPU)

National champion at the Dutch junior 800m championships in 2016, qualifying for the EYOF (European Youth Olympic Festival) and now her Ame ...

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27 July, 2020 - 14:24 Post image

University Spotlight: University of Iowa

After years of hard work on both the field hockey pitches of Oranje Rood and the school desks of the Van Maerlant Lyceum, Anthe was more th ...

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16 July, 2020 - 12:38 Post image

University Spotlight: Keiser University (KU)

Being a top level athlete in two different sports: something not many athletes can say. Our student-athlete Joyce Nouws is a good example t ...

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13 July, 2020 - 12:02 Post image

University Spotlight: University of Pepperdine – Malibu

Who doesn't dream of a life in Malibu, California? Daniel de Jonge, coming from Vlissingen, the Netherlands, makes it the reality! We thoug ...

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09 July, 2020 - 07:28 Post image

Q&A with Nyls Korstanje

"The new Pieter van den Hoogenband". That is what the 11-year old Nyls Korstanje was named after he swam faster then Pieter van den Hoogenb ...

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