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12 July, 2024 - 08:15 Post image

Slamstox Tennis Showcase Live!

Watch the Slamstox College Tennis Showcase live online! All matches will be filmed, and show courts 13 and 14 will be streamed online thro ...

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02 July, 2024 - 10:56 Post image

The best college tennis players of all time:

Over the years, more and more tennis players have found their way to the United States to combine their studies with high-level tennis. Se ...

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25 June, 2024 - 14:29 Post image

Becoming a professional soccer player from college soccer

Becoming a professional soccer player – who wouldn't want that? It's the dream of almost every boy or girl when they start playing soccer. ...

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05 June, 2024 - 08:46 Post image

Interview Kalieb Redda

In this interview, you can read more about the experiences of Slamstox Track & Field athlete Kalieb Redda as a student-athlete in Amer ...

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24 May, 2024 - 10:25 Post image

Gijs Velings: ‘I covered 16 kilometers during my first race in America’

What does your life look like when you decide to go to America to combine soccer and study? Is the level comparable? Is everything really ...

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23 May, 2024 - 11:34 Post image

Study Professional Tennis Management and college tennis

There are an incredible number of study programs that student-athletes can choose from in America. The most popular programs are business, ...

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14 May, 2024 - 13:51 Post image

Lieske Carleer, from Student-Athlete to Eredivisie Champion!

Trading the youth academy of FC Twente for college soccer at Arizona State University, only to return to FC Twente better and more success ...

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08 May, 2024 - 08:11 Post image

Discover the NCAA National Championships Tennis 2024

The NCAA tennis championships are in full swing, who will take home the National title this year? Virginia has won the NCAA National Champ ...

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07 May, 2024 - 07:52 Post image

Here are the five fastest-growing college sports.

Over the years, various sports have experienced significant growth at American universities. Moreover, new sports are continually being in ...

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02 May, 2024 - 07:54 Post image

College sports you didn’t know were college sports

When you think of college sports, the first ones that likely come to mind are basketball, American football, soccer, or tennis. However, t ...

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25 April, 2024 - 08:04 Post image

A year as a college volleyball player

College volleyball is hugely popular in America, with women's volleyball nearly rivaling the biggest sports. More and more young men and w ...

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24 April, 2024 - 07:15 Post image

Top 10 College Basketball Facilities

Every basketball player dreams of it: playing in America. The college system offers a great opportunity for that. At various levels, divid ...

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18 April, 2024 - 13:11 Post image

College Soccer levels under the loop

Combining soccer with a study, who wouldn't want that? In America, you have the opportunity to pursue your sport daily while also getting ...

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09 April, 2024 - 13:38 Post image

College water polo, a ‘rapidly’ growing sport!

Water polo is one of the fastest growing sports in America. With over a hundred universities competing for the National Championship, coll ...

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04 April, 2024 - 14:03 Post image

Interview Marith Bijkerk

In this interview, you will learn more about the experiences of Slamstox hockey player Marith Bijkerk as a student-athlete in America. Mar ...

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28 March, 2024 - 13:22 Post image

Slamstox student-athletes Nyls Korstanje and Else Praasterink to Olympic Games in Paris.

Many top athletes dream of it their entire lives: obtaining the coveted ticket to the Olympic Games. Several athletes who come through Sla ...

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26 March, 2024 - 08:29 Post image

What does a season in college tennis look like?

If you dream of a great tennis adventure, America is the place to be. College tennis is the ultimate paradise for anyone looking to combin ...

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14 March, 2024 - 10:07 Post image

The American Adventure of Yasmine Abbes

In this blog, you can read more about the experiences of Slamstox member Yasmine Abbes, who left for America as a student-athlete six year ...

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07 March, 2024 - 08:47 Post image

This is everything you need to know about college ice hockey

Ice hockey is not just any sport. America is the haven for everything related to ice hockey. Even at the college level, it's a super excit ...

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19 February, 2024 - 14:54 Post image

Else Praasterink qualifies for Olympic Games in 10-meter platform diving

At the World Aquatics Championships in Doha in early February, our own student-athlete Else Praasterink had to reach the top 12 on the 10- ...

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