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What is a scholarship?

A scholarship is an amount of money that a student receives to reduce or even completely eliminate study costs. Scholarships are awarded to students who have achieved good school and/or sports results: thus, it is a financial reward that helps with tuition costs. 

In America, unlike in the Netherlands, scholarships are very common. Universities in America have a “jar of money” that they distribute in the form of scholarships to the best students. Bringing in the best students allows universities to compete with each other: on both an academic and athletic level, every university wants to be the best!

There are two different types of scholarships that are most common: academic scholarships and athletic scholarships. Athletic scholarships are issued by the athletic coaches, while the amount of academic scholarships are determined by the university.

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What is an athletic scholarship?

An athletic scholarship is a financial award given to students who are good at their sport, it lowers the overall cost of study. American universities have several sports teams, each with its own coaching staff. Each coach receives a sum of money from the university that they may divide among the team members. So the coaches determine whether you qualify for an athletic scholarship. 

The total amount of scholarships can be as high as 100 percent of the total cost, and in addition, in some cases it is even common for athletes to receive additional pocket money from the university as well. The American Athletic Association has established rules for the number of scholarships that can be spent per team, in order to keep competition between schools fair.

The exact amounts vary by university; even within a team, team members receive different amounts. It depends on how badly a coach wants the athlete on his team and how much money is left. It also depends on what the total cost is for each university. There are many different athletic levels at American universities and thus opportunity for many to secure an athletic scholarship. Slamstox will help find the right athletic scholarship for you and negotiate with coaches about how much.

In addition to athletic scholarships, there are also academic sholarships to be awarded. The amount of this scholarship is determined by the universities based on your school performance.

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What is an (academic) scholarship?

An academic scholarship is a financial award given to students with good academic results and school performance, it lowers the overall cost of study. Not all students are eligible for academic scholarships. The university admissions committee determines who is eligible for this scholarship, as well as its amount.

Each university has different requirements, often looking at your high school grade point average (GPA) and the scores on different admission tests. Other academic activities such as internships sometimes count as well. Slamstox helps with translating your grades to U.S. standards, sending your grades to coaches and universities, and preparing for admission tests so you can receive the highest possible academic scholarship.

For American sports coaches, it is often very interesting if you are a good student and can secure an academic scholarship. This means that the coach can lower athletic scholarship to make it financially attractive for you to come to this university. Read more about how the amount of the athletic scholarships is determined and awarded.

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What are the costs for sports in the USA?

In the Netherlands, many costs are incurred by athletes each year for training, competitions and materials. In America, all these costs are covered by the university, this is the reward athletes get for playing for the university’s team. 

Apart from sports expenses, travel and lodging expenses at competitions and tournaments are covered by the university. There are even universities that have their own airplanes for their student-athletes!

In addition, universities are often sponsored by major brands such as Nike, Adidas, or Under Armour. As a result, you will not incur any costs on (sports) clothing. Services such as physical therapy are also included in a student-athlete’s package.

As a student-athlete, you will incur little costs for your education and your sport, while you will also be well trained and coached. Super professional! Curious how others experience this? Check this article about spending money as an student-athlete.

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What are the study and accommodation costs in America?

Total tuition and other fees vary by university: some universities charge $10,000 per year, others $80,000 per year. These are the costs a student must pay to the university, when no scholarship is issued. Costs of lodging and meals are included in almost all cases, as are costs for textbooks and other school-related expenses.

What you end up paying to the university depends on whether you have a scholarship and how high this scholarship is. The amount of the scholarship is deducted from the total tuition to be paid. The heights of scholarships vary greatly and depend on several aspects: your personal athletic result and academic result, the university’s budget and the number of spots on a team. You can get scholarships on athletic and on academic area.

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What other costs do I have to take into account?

During your studies in America you will incur other expenses, just like in the Netherlands. Think of leisure activities, your phone bill and flights to the Netherlands. The amount depends on your personal preferences and what you do in your free time.

You can assume that all school expenses are covered by the university, but if you want to score a nice burger from In ‘n Out on the weekends, you will obviously have to pay it yourself. This also applies to trips on weekends, etc.

In general, the other costs are very not too bad because you are on college campuses a lot!

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How much money do I need, to go to America for 1 year as a student-athlete?

Your costs for a year of study in America regularly include your tuition, lodging, food and other expenses. There are no extra costs to be a student-athlete compared to a normal student. On the contrary, it has its advantages: in fact, you can receive an athletic scholarship. The amount of the cost depends on several factors that vary by university and by athlete: 

  1. Your university’s tuition and living expenses: In fact, these can vary greatly from one university to another. They can range from $10,000 to $80,000 per year. This amount includes almost everything: your tuition, lodging, food and additional costs such as your insurance. If you are a student-athlete, the costs of playing sports are covered anyway. Such as sports clothes, materials, physical therapy and bus/flight trips to competitions;
  2. Whether you get a scholarship, and how high your scholarship is. Depends on your athletic level and your academic level. The school decides whether to award a scholarship and how high it is. If you are of great value to a team, you will receive a higher athletic scholarship. In addition, if you have good results in school, you may receive a partial scholarship for that as well;
  3. The other expenses you incur yourself. This may include, for example, your plane ticket home, your phone bill, leisure activities or other personal expenses such as clothes.

Slamstox helps you find the best universities and apply and negotiate for a scholarship. We always try to find the optimal mix of sports and scholarships. Would you like to know how we work, or would you like to see your possibilities? Then feel free to contact us for more information!

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