Here we will answer your general questions about sports and study in the US. Is your question not listed? Search for more questions or contact us!

What academic level is required?

To be able to play college sports, you need to have completed at least high school. However, there are several options: – You have a completed HAVO or VWO diploma;
– You have a GED diploma. This is an American high school certificate that you can obtain as a Dutch student, for example, if you only have a VMBO diploma;
– You have completed a (two-year) MBO education;
– You are currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree;
– You have completed a bachelor’s degree.

Here you will find more information about the various options.

If you attended a Dutch high school, you must have completed HAVO or VWO. You can start the process while you are still in school, but you can’t start at a university in America until you get your degree. 

There are also opportunities for athletes who have already started studying in the Netherlands. Are you already studying at a Dutch MBO, HBO or WO university? Then you can often transfer to an American university. Slamstox will help you find a university that meets your academic needs.

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What does college sports mean?

College sports, the combination between sports and studies in America. You study at a university and at the same time compete for one of their sports teams. Student-athletes earn a degree while also being on the sports fields almost every day. 

In America, almost all universities have sports teams that compete against each other in both regional and national leagues. This way you can improve yourself in both athletic and academic areas in the best possible way, a good balance between sports and studies. In most cases, there are scholarships available for student-athletes so, in exchange for their sport prestations, have to pay less for their tuition.

In America, all schools are called “universities” or “colleges. This does not mean that for admission you must also be able to handle a university level in the Netherlands. For more information, see the FAQ ‘Which academic level is recuired?’

Would you like to combine studies and sports in America? Feel free to contact us for more information!

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What is a student-athlete?

“Student-athlete” is the American term for a college student that plays his or her sport for the official “varsity” sports team of the university. Every university has one ‘varsity’ team per sport, which means it is the official team for the university. Students can also play sports at a recreational level.

Every student-athlete is recruited by a college coach, to compete for the university team during games and tournaments against other universities. Many student-athletes receive (partial) athletic scholarships, which helps them pay for tuition, housing, meals and other costs of attendance.

Student-athletes often have an unwritten “special” status in college and are seen as unique students. It is therefore also quite normal in America that you are actually recognized at school as a ‘student-athlete’ by other students at the university. A kind of VIP status, in other words 😉

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Why college sports?

The combination between academics and sports in the United States is the perfect way to develop yourself as a student, athlete and person in an international environment.

In the Netherlands it is almost impossible to study at a university and play sports at the highest level on a regular basis. In America this is possible because universities have their own teams, and they do everything in their power to help students perform at both levels. The university makes sure that all your classes are adapted to your sports schedule, making it very easy to combine your school with your sport.

Universities offer academic tutoring, intensive training programs, high level competitions, physical therapy, fitness coaching, nutrition advice and sports psychology. Combining this all with the world class sports facilities means: you are getting prepared for a successful career in sports and academics!

Check why college ‘track and field’ is more fun!’.

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Which sports are offered?

There is a place for almost every athlete because there are as many as 35 different sports at American universities. In these 35 different sports, universities compete against each other with the ultimate goal of becoming national champions!

The following sports are offered: Acrobatics Archery Badminton Baseball Basketball Beach Volleyball Bowling Cross Country Cycling Equestrian Fencing Field Hockey Football Golf Gymnastics Ice Hockey Lacrosse Rifle Rodeo Rowing Rugby Sailing Skiing Soccer Softball Sprint Football Squash Swimming & Diving Synchronized Swimming Tennis Track & Field Triathlon Volleyball Water Pol Wrestling

Are you curious about the conditions for your sport? Then look at our sportspage

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How good do you have to be in your sport?

This varies greatly; conferences and divisions are divided at many different levels. International top athletes receive scholarships, and regional athletes also have a chance to combine sports and studies through a scholarship in America.

For some student-athletes their goal is to become a professional athlete, others just enjoy continuing to play intense sports while studying. The level depends on the university. So, there are spots available for almost all athletes! Wondering if you qualify? Or would you like to know which division is right for you? Feel free to contact us, so we can make an individual assement.

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What does the life of a student-athlete look like?

As a student-athlete, you will train with your team, travel to tournaments and play games. All in one of the world’s most unique sports environments, America breathes sports and every university wants to be the very best both academically and athletically! 

You are playing your sport in college in this unique environment, while earning a university degree at the same time. It seems like a lot, but in the US they take very good care of student-athletes. It’s a priority for the school to make sure that you can develop yourself athletically as well as academically and as a person. Nearly every university offers free tutoring and advising, sports psychologists, nutritionists and more: just for the student-athletes!

The school wants to do everything possible to make sure you get good grades, which is why the school makes sure you get extra academic tutoring as soon as it is needed.

Are you wondering what life as a student-athlete looks like approximately? No worries, we got you covered. Check out our Around & About video to see what life is like as a student-athlete in the middle of Pittsburgh.

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How do I get in contact with Slamstox?

Want to contact us, have a question, or want to schedule a personal consultation? You can always call, email, or send us a WhatsApp message. We will always respond as soon as possible. Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 8.30-17.00.

–       Mail:

Phone number: +31619873272

You can always visit our contact page for more informtion or fill in our let’s meet form!

In addition, you can always reach us at Instagram. Just send a DM if you want to get in touch with us or if you have a question.

Would you like to meet with us and schedule a personal interview. Send us a let’s meet form and we will reach out to you.

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What age do you need to have to sign up at Slamstox?

Sometimes people choose to start at the age of 12, but some also start at the age of 20. So there is no age limit on signing up with Slamstox. We usually see applications from the age of 3e year of high school. Then you are usually 14/15 years old. To go to an American university you must have a high school or pre-university diploma or you must have completed at least 2 years of a secondary school education. This is basically not age specific.

Did you think you were too young to get started and are now eager to get started anyway? Start by filling out this form to see what we can do for you.

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What if you say ‘Yes’ to becoming a student-athlete?

When you want to become a student-athlete, we usually schedule a let’s meets meeting at our office or online. In which we will discuss everything you need to know about Slamstox and sports and studying in America. With this knowledge in your pocket, you can start making a choice. If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

Are you ready to start the American adventure? Then we will start the Slamstox process and you officially become a Slamstox student-athlete. There is a lot to be done before you can get on the plane to the U.S. and we will help you get there.

Slamstox has designed a process that covers everything that needs to be done to make your time in America unforgettable. We will take your personal preferences into account.

Are you curious about how the process works? Then feel free to meet us!

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How does the process work?

The process to become a student-athlete is intensive and complex, but Slamstox can help you with it! We have created a detailed step-by-step plan to help you in the process, there are a lot of steps even before we contact the coaches.

On the process page you can find more information about what our process looks like simplified. Would you like more information about this process or are you interested? Then feel free to contact us!

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What is the average age to go to the United States as a student-athlete?

Most students leave after passing their HAVO/VWO final exams. So, the average age is between 16-18 years old. There are many students going to America who have already started their studies in the Netherlands, or who have even obtained a bachelor’s degree and want to do a master’s in America. The age to start can therefore be as young as 23 or 24 years old. It is important to keep your eligibility in mind. To make sure you are still eligible to play when you leave for America.

Are you curious about your opportunities to play sports and study in America? Then feel free to contact us!

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How long can you be a student-athlete?

You have 4 years of eligibility, meaning you have 4 years to play as a student-athlete and play games for a university. You can spread these out over a period of 5 years after graduating high school, and when you have started college. Are you in the Netherlands and already started a bachelor’s program. Then you can also transfer to America as a transfer student. This means that you can take your credits from the current school year with you to your American university. After completing your bachelor’s degree, it is also possible to directly start a master’s program in America. As a transfer student, it is important to keep your remaining eligibility in mind. Slamstox can help you visualize your remaining eligibility (eligibility to play) and apply to the American sports divisions. Not sure if you meet the requirements? Then feel free to contact us!

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Which visa do I need?

As an international student you will need an F1 visa, which will allow you to stay and study in the United States for a period of 5 years.

To receive an American student visa, you are required to follow multiple procedures. You have to sign up for a student visa interview at the American consulate in your country, and send in a lot of additional paperwork. If your interview is successful, you will receive your visa within a few working days.

Slamstox helps you throughout the complete recruiting process, including the visa application. Would you like to learn more? Contact us.

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Can I go back home during my time in America?

It is certainly possible to return home during your time in America. Most student- athletes return home during Summer Break and Winter Break. Summer break begins normally in May and lasts until mid-August. This may depend on your school and the sports competitions. Winter break normally lasts from early December to early January. So on average you have about 3/4 months to go back home.

The exact length of summer and winter break depends on your sport and university. Questions or more information? Feel free to contact us for more information

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Which state is the most popular among student-athletes?

Most Slamstox student-athletes study on the East Coast. That’s because this is where most universities are located. One of the most popular states in America is California, here study a lot of Slamstox student-athletes. This is partly because of the nice weather, tropical environment and cultural cities. The picture below shows a map of our America map in our Eindhoven office. Here you can see where all the Slamstox heroes are located!

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How can I impress college coaches?

There are many more factors that coaches consider when deciding whether or not to add you to their team. Important ones include:

  • Academic results: as a student-athlete, you are also expected to care about your studies care and achieve good results. Coaches then look at your GPA and your scores on admission tests such as, for example, the SAT and the TOEFL.
  • Communication with coach: when in contact with coaches, it is important to show interest show interest and to be on top of things: make sure you don’t wait too long to answer from a coach. Slamstox helps throughout the process with having contact with coaches.
  • Video footage: coaches would love to see you in action. By watching video footage, coaches can get a better idea of your level. At our YouTube channel you will find many examples of recruiting videos.

Also read this article here you will find all 5 important factors coaches look for during the recruiting process.

Interested or want to know more? Then feel free to contact us.

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Can I stay in the United States after my studies?

If you want to stay in America longer, there are several options for extending your stay in America after completing your bachelor’s degree. We briefly explain these below.

1) Optional Practical Training (OPT) Every international student has the opportunity to work in America for 1 more year after completing a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Many students use this year to find a suitable company that offers full-time employment while funding a U.S. work visa.

2) Extend your stay by continuing your studies with a Master’s degree or PhD. In this case, you must reapply for a student visa and apply for the relevant program. There is playing eligibility as a student-athlete for a period of 4 years, so there may no longer be an athletic scholarship available. However, there are other ways to reduce your tuition costs. Want to know how? Then take let’s meet.

3) A work visa! Another way to continue living in America is through a work visa. It frequently happens that international student-athletes receive job offers from American companies during their studies or just after.

4) Last but not least: find an American girlfriend or boyfriend, and get married! Or sign up for the Greencard lottery: if you are very lucky, you can earn a green card to live and work in the America 😉

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