Slamstox College Tennis Showcase

The ultimate opportunity to earn a tennis scholarship in the US! The Slamstox College Tennis showcase will take place on July 13th,14th and 15th at tennis club ELTV in Eindhoven. We organize the showcase in collaboration with our partner Amjoy Tennis

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College Tennis Showcase

The Slamstox College Tennis Showcase is an official tennis tournament for all tennis players interested in playing college tennis in the United States. During the showcase, coaches from American Universities will come to the Netherlands to recruit and meet new players for their teams. It's the perfect opportunity to put yourself in the spotlight and to earn a scholarship for an American university. Are you ready for a few days full of tennis and extra activities? Draws and order of play will be published on the official Slamstox UTR Page.

About the showcase


The Slamstox College Tennis showcase will take place on July 13th , 14th and 15th at ELTV in Eindhoven. The showcase is organized by Slamstox in collaboration with our partner Amjoy Tennis. Anyone between the ages of 14 and 22 is welcome to register and play. Singles and doubles matches will be played on Wednesday July 13th and Thursday July 14th. On Friday July 15ththere will be special college tennis matches, for which players are divided into teams. You will play at least two matches per day.

Official UTR tournament

The showcase is an official UTR tournament, and all matches will count towards your UTR rating. UTR is an important aspect for American coaches when recruiting players for their teams. Coaches from America will be present during the showcase. There is also the possibility to contact coaches and you can be invited for “speeddates” with these coaches.

ITF Juniors Grade 4 Tournament

The Tennis Showcase is organized in collaboration with Amjoy tennis. Amjoy Tennis is a tennis school certified by the Dutch Tennis Federation. Amjoy offers training, tournament guidance and activities for junior players at every level. In addition, Amjoy Tennis organizes the Amjoy Cup, a high-level international tennis tournament for junior players, in the categories up to 12 years, 14 years and up to 18 years. (ITF Juniors). Aspiring junior players from all over the world participate in the tournament.

This year's ITF Juniors Grade 4 tournament will be organized in collaboration between Amjoy Tennis and Slamstox. That is why the tournament is officially called “The Amjoy Cup powered by Slamstox”. The tournament is organized immediately after the tennis showcase. The qualifications will start on Saturday the 16th of July. Winners of the showcase matches can be considered for a wildcard to the ITF Juniors tournament.

Tulsa college tennis

College tennis

College tennis in America is the best way to combine tennis at a high level with your studies. There are plenty of Universities in America that offer college tennis, at different levels. Do you want to know more about college tennis, the possibilities, requirements and more? Check out this page or schedule an introductory meeting with us!

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For players

If you would like to study and play tennis in America with a tennis scholarship, then you must join our showcase! Why participate in the Slamstox Showcase as a player:

ultieme kans - Slamstox Ultimate chance

The ultimate chance to showcase yourself

Wedstrijden - Slamstox Tennis matches

Guaranteed two tennis matches a day

uur - Slamstox Improve your UTR

Improve your UTR, one of the criteria for college tennis

Coaches - Slamstox American coaches

Get to know American coaches personally

Ontmoeten - Slamstox Meet tennis players

Meet other tennis players who are also going to study and play tennis in America

Insouts - Slamstox Ins & outs

Learn all the ins & outs about college tennis and Slamstox

Toekomst - Slamstox Your future

You will orientate on further studies and universities and shape your own future

wildcard - Slamstox Win a wildcard

Chance to win a wildcard for the ITF Juniors 4 tournament in Eindhoven

Meer - Slamstox And much more!

Discover much more for you as a player!


On Wednesday and Thursday, tennis matches will be played all day, where college coaches will be scouting and recruiting. The matches will start at 9am and will be played until approximately 8pm. The tournament draws and match schedule will be announced in the weeks leading up to the tournament. Players will play at least two matches per day and players can sign up for singles and doubles. We will match every player with suitable opponents, to create the best scouting and playing conditions for you and for the coaches.

Tuesday July 12th (evening program)
  • Welcome session, presentation, introduction and BBQ for the coaches
  • Prep training for the players hosted by Amjoy tennis (optional)
Wednesday July 13th (official showcase)
  • All day matches – singles and doubles
  • Speed ​​dates with American coaches
  • College tennis presentations
Thursday July 14th (official showcase)
  • All day matches – singles and doubles
  • Speed ​​dates with American coaches
  • College tennis presentations
Friday July 15th (optional bonus day)
  • College Tennis – teamplay matches
  • Possibility to film recruiting video
  • Preparation for ITF tournament

Match format

The showcase matches will be played according to the college format. This means that all doubles matches will be played in a 1 set format. The singles matches are played in a best of 3 format, with a champions tiebreak as a deciding set. On deuce points, a deciding point will be played. There will be no let serves!

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Side events

In addition to playing high-level matches, we offer much more during our showcase.

Welcome, introduction and BBQ for coaches

On Tuesday evening there is the possibility for the coaches to come to the club. There will be an official welcoming session, combined with a workshop/speaker and a presentation about top junior tennis in Europe. There will be plenty of opportunities to talk with other coaches during the BBQ. Players will be active on Tuesday evening during the prep training, a first opportunity to scout players.

Prep training

A prep training is organized for players on Tuesday evening in preparation for the showcase. The training will be held by Amjoy Tennis. This prep training is not mandatory, but it is the optimal preparation for the showcase and also the first opportunity to show yourself to the American coaches.

Speed ​​dates with American coaches

During the showcase, all players have the opportunity to be invited for a speed date with college coaches. The coaches will invite the players for a personal meeting, allowing the player and coach to get to know each other better. These speed dates will take place on both Wednesday and Thursday, specific times will be communicated at a later date.

College tennis presentations

On Wednesday and Thursday, Slamstox will give presentations about college tennis and the process of playing college tennis at various times. Slamstox college tennis players will also be present to share their stories with the new generation. Well worth checking out for all players interested in college tennis, as well as parents.

Q&A with (former)student-athletes

Who better to tell you about what it's like to study in America than our (former) student-athletes themselves? That is why several of them will be present during the showcase to answer questions and tell about their own experience. Later we will announce which (former) student-athletes will be present to answer all your questions. A unique opportunity to gain insider information!

College tennis – teamplay matches

On Thursday evening, a large part of the American coaches will already leave for the Uniexperts Showcase in Germany, so a nice bonus day will be organized on Friday, which is certainly worth it. In addition to the fact that all matches on Friday also officially count for UTR, the tennis system of this day is also extra interesting: because we play according to the college tennis system: in other words, you play all matches with your team.

Filming recruiting videos

On Friday the 15th, we offer players the opportunity to film their recruiting video. This video is used to show American coaches more about your tennis game, so a good recruiting video can really make a difference. A separate registration is required for this. Interest? Sign up quickly, there are limited spots available. Register:


During the event, Slamstox will provide lunch and dinner. We also have a deal with a hotel, for players who want to spend the night in the area. A shuttle service will be available. More information about the hotel, you can find here.


For Slamstox student-athletes, the costs for the showcase are 150 euros. For non Slamstox student-athletes, the costs are 300 euros. If you become a Slamstox student-athlete after the showcase, you will still receive the discount on the showcase! The fee for coaches to participate is 99 euros for the complete event.

What's included

What's included in the price

  • Many opportunities to learn and improve your tennis level
  • The ultimate chance to showcase yourself to college coaches
  • Opportunity to train under Amjoy's professional coaches
  • A healthy, tasty lunch and dinner every day
  • Informational presentations about college tennis can be followed for free
  • Possibility to record recruiting video on bonus day
  • And much, much more

For coaches

Are you a college tennis coach interested in visiting (physical or online) the showcase and meeting our greatest talents? Then mark July 13th-15th in your calendar.

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For coaches

  • Unique opportunity to see Europe´s top players play live
  • High level tennis
  • Personal conversations with our prospects
  • Personal meetings with the Slamstox team
  • Combine your trip with a visit to the Uniexperts showcase and the STAR Italy showcases
  • Stay longer or come back to scout during our official ITF Juniors tournament in Eindhoven

The price for coaches is €99,-. For this you get the following in return: player profiles, contact options with players, meals on all days and of course a lot of fun! If you cannot come to Eindhoven to see all the players in action, you can register as a coach four our online platform. Through this way, you will still be able to follow matches live and see the players in action. This livestream is free for all coaches. However, registration is mandatory, you can do this via the same form as for the real event, below.

Prior to the showcase, we will share a list of player information and details of all coaches present. For more information mail to and we will contact you. Register here if you are present during the showcase.

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Tennis Showcase Tour Europe

In July, there will be five Tennis Showcases in Europe. The unique opportunity as a coach to see a lot of talent play in a short time. This gives you the chance to see a larger number of prospects in action during one trip. The Showcases will take place in Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, again Italy and Spain.

On July 9-10, the first showcase will be in Rome, Italy, organized by STAR International. Check here for more information about the showcase in Italy.

From July 15 to July 17, Uniexperts will also organize a Tennis Showcase. About an hour and a half drive from Eindhoven, just outside Cologne, Germany. Uniexperts offers you, as a coach, a transfer if you visit both the Slamstox Tennis Showcase and the Uniexperts Tennis Showcase. Check here for more information about the showcase in Germany.

After this showcase, you as a coach also have the opportunity to return to Eindhoven, to see and scout the international youth top during the ITF Juniors Grade 4 tournament (from July 16).

From July 18 to July 20, STAR International will organize another Showcase in Venice, Italy. Check here for more information about the showcase in Italy.

AGM/ i-Con Sports Showcase will organize the last showcase from July 20 till July 23 in Barcelona, Spain. Check here for more information about the showcase in Spain.


The showcase will be played on the courts of tennis club ELTV in Eindhoven. The club has 11 outdoor courts, of which 7 clay courts and 4 all-weather courts. The ITF Juniors tournament will also be organized a week later at the same club.


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