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The Netherlands Headquarters

Slamstox works for student-athletes from all over the world. Our team in the Netherlands works from our office in Eindhoven. Are you looking for more information or would you like to plan a personal meeting with one of our employees?





SX, Torenallee 3, 5617 BA, Eindhoven, Nederland

Los Angeles

California, USA

Slamstox in Los Angeles, CA is our main contact point for all Slamstox athletes that are currently in the US. Most of our West Coast contacts also go through here. Have a question for our team in LA?


3 Morgan Lane, Rolling Hills, 90273 CA, USA


North Carolina, USA

Slamstox in Raleigh, NC is our main contact point for all Slamstox athletes and coaches on the East Coast. We're not afraid to take our game up to the big cities but definitely don't mind the Southern States either. Have a question for our team in Raleigh?


91 Bridgewater, Chapel Hill, NC 27517, USA

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