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College track & field is the ultimate way to combine your studies with high level sports. Would you like to learn more about track & field in the US, the opportunities, requirements or more? Check out this page or sign up for a personal meeting with our team!

College track & field in the USA

Over 2,000 universities in the United States offer track and field scholarships to guys and girls who would like to combine sports and studies. Being a track and field student-athlete in the U.S. is the perfect way to improve your game, become stronger mentally and physically, build a network of international friends and earn a university degree which will lay the foundation for a successful career, whether on or off the track.

The American college track and field competition is a major producer of Olympic athletes thanks to of its high level, intense practice schedules and world-class athletic facilities.

How does college track & field work? 

Collegiate track and field is different to ‘regular’ track and field. Most importantly, you do not just compete individually, but you also represent your university’s team. Each team consists of male and female sprinters, distance runners, hurdlers, throwers, jumpers, and multi-athletes (heptathlon). On average, a team consists of 40-60 athletes.

Collegiate track is broken down into three different seasons: indoor track season (indoor on a 200-meter track), outdoor track season (outdoor 400-meter track), and cross country (for distance runners). Throughout each season, teams compete against other universities at several different track ‘meets’ (tournaments). At each meet, athletes are scored individually and at the team level, with men’s and women’s teams scored separately.

The goal is to earn as many points as possible for your university team. Points for the total team score are earned by scoring within the top 8 in each separate event. For example, if a runner finishes first in the 200m sprint, he/she has not only won individually, but also scored 10 points for their college team. At the end of each meet, the total scores of each separate event are added up, and one university is the champion! Because of this, the team spirit is high and the atmosphere during meets is very energetic because team members support each other and hype each other up.

Slamstox track & field athletes

Slamstox has placed many track & field athletes on a variety of American universities. Some of them belong to the top of the NCAA and international competitions, while others have competed mostly in local events. From California to Florida to New York, our athletes are competing all over the US!

Are you interested in checking out our athletes? Check out our student-athletes!

College track & field fun facts

Did you know that…

  • At the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, the American team consisted of 558 athletes. 417 of them were (ex-) college student-athletes!
  • The NCAA hosts 21 official collegiate track and field events. 17 of these events have record holders that are better than the Dutch national records.
  • Churandy Martina is one of the most successful Dutch athletes who has been a student-athlete in the United States. He represented the University of Texas, El Paso.
  • The American college track & field competition is the largest and strongest track and field competition in the world.
  • Slamstox track & field specialist Bob Vanderham was a mid distance runner for University of North Carolina Wilmington. After his college career, he placed 2nd at the Dutch national championships at the 800m event.

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Requirements & Scholarships

The college track and field system is divided into multiple divisions in which over 1,200 university teams are represented. Therefore, the level of track and field varies from top national athletes to guys and girls who compete in regional tournaments.

Slamstox has placed national top level athletes at a variety of universities, but also works for regional level athletes. There are many possibilities! Are you interested in learning more about your chances? Check out the track & field standards here.

Academic requirements

To compete for a college track & field team, you have to graduate from high school. Depending on your country and your academic background, we can select a university and a pathway that fits your academic standard.

American universities offer a wide range of courses catered towards different education levels. So, as long as you meet the requirements, we will be able to help you find a university that matches your level and your area of interest. Are you not sure whether you meet the requirements? Feel free to contact us.


Studying at an American university can cost up to $75,000 per year. However, almost all universities with a track & field team offer athletic (and academic) scholarships to cover these costs.

Slamstox helps you find scholarships so that your college track & field experience will be financially affordable. Some Slamstox players received full scholarships, which means they do not have to pay anything for four years of college track & field and studies. Others receive partial scholarships that cover part of the total cost of attendance. Your scholarship depends on your athletic level, academic level, wishes and ambitions.

Read more about scholarships!

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How does Slamstox help me?

Slamstox guides you and your parents through the complete process of becoming a college athlete and we help you find athletic and academic scholarships at a university in the United States.

We create your full (online) profile and use our extensive network of over 3,000 college coaches to find a university that matches your level, wishes and requirements.

Additionally, we create your college recruiting video, organize tournaments, showcases and practices, and we help set up a personalized plan which will put you on the radar of college coaches who are looking for new players.

Career opportunities after college

After you finish your four years of college track & field, there are many different opportunities for you to pursue, either on or off the court. Some of the best college athletes choose a professional career, while others focus on a career in their field of study (business, healthcare, technology, politics, etc).

Did you know that Slamstox can help you find a job after your college career in the US?

Would you like to learn more about us and what we do? Click here.

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