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What is the right time to register myself?

You can sign yourself up for Slamstox at any time during the year. Some athletes start the process a few years in advance, while others start a few months in advance. 

In general, the earlier you start the process, the better. There are simply more spots available in teams, giving you a better chance of getting your dream spot! You might have a better chance of getting a good scholarship if you start your process when you are in HAVO 4 or VWO 5 than if you start the process when you are in your exam year. However, this is generally true; it is also common for athletes within an accelerated process to also end up at top universities. This is because it depends on your athletic as well as academic performance. The better you are at your sport or the better your grades are at school, the higher the amount of your scholarship can get.

Are you curious about your opportunities or just want to meet with us? Then fill out our let’s meet form and we will get in touch with you.

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How long does the process take?

Some athletes start three years in advance, others three months. Basically, the earlier you start, the more spots on college teams are available and the more time you have to prepare everything properly. In America, college admissions committees look at your high school grades from the last four years, so it actually starts as early as HAVO 2 or VWO 3. So it’s not a bad idea at all to start the process several years before you leave. That way you have a better chance of getting a good spot on a college team you’d like to attend!

Are you thinking about playing sports and studying in America, and want to know the best time to start? Then feel free to fill out our let’s meet form so we can help you achieve this.

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What happens after registering with Slamstox?

After introduction meeting at Slamstox we will invite you and your parents for an interview at our office in Eindhoven. During this interview we want to get to know you as well as possible.

The step to go to America is an important decision, and therefore it is important for us to know exactly what your ambitions, goals and wishes are. If you decide to embark on the America adventure with us, we will get started right away. We will then give you access to the Slamstox App, and make a personal plan of action and contact our network in America. From then on, you will be put in the spotlight with American coaches and the interviews with coaches can begin.

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Is the introduction meeting with Slamstox non-committal?

Yes, the introduction meeting with Slamstox is totally non-binding. (Together with your parents) You come to the office or we can have a meeting online. This meeting is to give you more information on Slamstox and sports and studies in the United States. After this meeting you should have all the information to make your disicion to start the process. If you have any more questions, you can of course reach out to us to clarify some things. You are not committed to anything.

Only after you have received and signed our quotation will you enter into an official contract with us, which of course will always be discussed and made clear beforehand.

Would you like to schedule an introduction with us? You can do that through this page!

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Who decides about my scholarship?

For academic scholarships, the university’s admissions committee determines whether you will receive a scholarship. For this, your high school grades, your GPA, as well as the results of admission tests such as the SAT and DuoLingo are important. On this basis, the amount of an academic scholarship is ultimately determined. At this page you can find more information about the different submission tests.

Whether you get an athletic scholarship is entirely up to the coaches of the sports teams. The coaches have a maximum amount of scholarship they may distribute to their team, how they do this is entirely up to them. Slamstox will put you in the best possible spot with all coaches and help you negotiate the amount of your scholarship.

At this page you can find more information about scholarships and which other costs their are.

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How does contact with coaches and universities go?

After we have made a selection of universities that match your profile, requirements and wishes, it is time to contact the college coaches. We send each coach a personal email containing the most important information about you.

Think about your best results and/or personal records, your ranking, your grade point average at school and scores from the admission tests. For some sports, there will be a recruiting video showing where you can demonstrate your skills. All of the above contribute to the recruiting process and the more information we can give the coaches, the better judgment they can make.

Would you like to be in touch with American coaches? Feel free to contact us!

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What if I decide not to go to America?

Once you have started the process at Slamstox you can always stop. Every situation is of course different and we want to help on personal level in the best way possible. It is often best to get together to discuss your situation and find the best solution for you personally. Together we will always find a good way to end your process.

Are you injured or did you not pass you final high school exam for example, then we will look for the best possible solution.

Would you like more information? Feel free to contact us!

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