The process

Slamstox is specialized in the complete process of becoming a student-athlete. We provide our athletes and their parents with a tailor-made and personal plan, that will be monitored in the Slamstox App

Do you want to become a student-athlete?

This is a very important and potentially life-changing decision. You can become a student-athlete only once in your life and your career in the States will be the stepping stone for anything you decide to do after college. Therefore we believe that an excellent preparation is absolutely necessary. The process to become a student-athlete is complicated, takes time and most of all is an important aspect of your final choice for a university. Slamstox helps student-athletes and their parents throughout the complete process with a step-by-step and personal guidance.

Steps in the process

An overview of the most important steps in the process. The Slamstox App gives you total control and overview!

Meeting with Slamstox; what is your dream?

Your background, ambitions and wishes are very important to us in order to successfully navigate you through the process. In a personal meeting we will zoom in on your specific situation to create a tailor-made plan. Preparation is key!

Determination of eligibility

Student-athletes must meet certain criteria to be eligible for college sports. This includes academic and athletic criteria. We will guide you through the eligibility process to make sure you are ready to play right away.

Admission tests

The SAT test and the TOEFL test will test your English and math knowledge. Universities require a certain score on these tests to get accepted into the program. We will help you study and prepare for these tests adequately.

Your Slamstox Profile & Video

We collect your academic and athletic highlights to create a Slamstox profile. Together with several sports videos, this will give coaches in the US a first impression of you as a student-athlete. Check out our athlete page for examples.

Contacting the right universities with your profile

There are more than 2,000 universities offering scholarships for student-athletes. Not all of these universities will be a perfect match for you. During the process we will carefully select your criteria, and only contact the coaches and universities that are interesting for you. This creates a personal and tailor-made approach which is unique and highly appreciated by Slamstox athletes.

Going for the perfect match

Many factors decide whether or not a university is right for you. The athletic level, academic level, location, size of the university, coach and the amount of scholarship are examples of important aspects of your decision. Together we will find the perfect match for you.

Transcripts, admissions and other paperwork

Lots of paperwork will get involved. High school transcripts, enrollment applications, motivation letters, recommendations and test scores are a few of the documents that need to be taken care off. We know the requirements and help you prepare all documents correctly.

Housing, insurance & additional requirements

Do you want to live on campus or in an apartment in the city? Will you keep your international insurance or should you get the university insurance? Do you have the correct medical records to become a student at your university? A lot of questions that we will discuss together to create the best situation for you.

Passport, visa and travel documents

Every international student entering the US is required to have the necessary forms and an F-1 visa in their passport. In order to get these, you are required to schedule an appointment at the embassy and to fill out several online applications. We will make sure that these steps are taken carefully to ensure a smooth entrance through customs!

Step on the plane and start living the dream!

Is everything taken care of and are you ready to start your American adventure? Then you are ready to step on the plane and start living the dream! We will closely keep following you and stay in touch while you are in the US.


Total control over your recruiting process. A unique and innovative mobile app. Create your profile. To-do lists and tasks. Chat with us. 24/7 access. Digital with a personal touch.

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