On Sunday April 2nd, Slamstox organizes a UTR Matchplay, the ideal preparation for your club leagues!

Start 02.04.2023 08:30 End 02.04.2023 18:00


Tulip Hilversum   -   See map

Slamstox UTR Matchplay

On Sunday April 3rd, Slamstox organizes a UTR Matchplay event. On the tennis courts of Tulip Hilversum you will get the best opportunity to optimally prepare yourself for the upcoming club league season and at the same time learn more about college tennis. Interested? Register here.

During the UTR Matchplay event you play matches against opponents of a similar level. All matches will also be played according to the college tennis system:

  • Doubles 1 set
  • Single 2 set format w/ match tiebreaker
  • No-ad scoring and no-let serves; just like in college

Team Slamstox will also be present during this day, so it is a great opportunity to put yourself in the spotlight and learn more about college tennis in the US. During the day, college tennis presentations are given by Slamstox.

The costs for the event are €30,- for singles and €15,- for doubles team. (UTR Power) No UTR Power? Costs will be €36,- for singles and €21,- for doubles team.

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Why participate

  • Showcase your tennis skills and get better
  • Compare yourself with other potential college tennis players
  • Improve your UTR
  • Guaranteed 2 or 3 matches (singles + doubles) depending on number of players
  • Learn all the ins & outs about college tennis and Slamstox

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Sign up

Got excited? You can now register through our own UTR page.

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