Water polo is one of the fastest growing sports in America. With over a hundred universities competing for the National Championship, college water polo provides a platform to become a better water polo athlete, both physically and mentally. Curious about what college water polo entails? Scroll down a bit further to check out the entire article!

History of water polo

Water polo was founded in 1869 in England, where it was originally played as a form of water rugby. Over the years, the sport evolved into the modern version of water polo, characterized by its speed and physical demands. At its core, water polo is a team sport played in a pool, typically with seven players per team. The objective is simple: score goals by throwing the ball into the opponent’s goal while defending your own. However, achieving this goal is anything but easy. Players must tread water throughout the entire match, utilizing their strength and agility to outsmart opponents and create scoring opportunities. With a combination of swimming, passing, shooting, and defending, water polo requires exceptional endurance and is secretly a very exciting sport to watch!

The difference between college water polo and water polo in The Netherlands

College water polo is different from water polo here in the Netherlands. In America, you don’t play for a club team, but for a school or university. You train every day with your team and compete against other universities. The ultimate goal, of course, is to become national champions, competing against the best college teams in the country.

For student-athletes, college water polo offers a unique blend of academic and athletic pursuits. Balancing rigorous training schedules with academic responsibilities requires discipline, time management, and perseverance, much like any other college sport. However, the rewards are immense! From the thrill of competition to the lifelong friendships forged through shared experiences in the pool and beyond. Furthermore, the lessons learned through water polo—such as teamwork, leadership, and resilience—extend far beyond the boundaries of the pool, preparing student-athletes for success both in and out of the water.

Up the game, are you ready?!

With greater exposure and support, college water polo has the potential to reach new heights, attract top talent, and inspire future generations of athletes. College water polo offers an enriching and rewarding experience for anyone who dives into it.

One of our own student-athletes visited our office some time ago for an interview. Feline has been in America since this year to pursue water polo there. Are you curious about her experiences? Check out the interview below where we delve deeper into the story of Feline, who signed with the University of California Berkeley.

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