A great year for Slamstox!

While we are already busy with our athletes for 2019, 2020 and 2021, we would like to look back on the past year with you! 2018 was a year of great sports performances, great memories, an even larger network and further growth for Slamstox.

Our company has doubled for the fourth year in a row last year. More and more students are choosing the route to America to combine sports and studying at a high level. This year we helped athletes in 10 different sports and we have been active for student athletes from the Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, England and South Africa! In order to stay up to date in all sports areas and to be able to guide our athletes properly, having a large network is very important to us. In total, our employees have been on more than 15 trips to the United States this year to visit our student athletes and various universities. The Slamstox network is therefore starting to grow, but we feel we have only just started ….!

What’s even better is what our student athletes have done in the past year

Achievements we are proud of!

Of course, it is our student athletes who only achieve real performances in America and beyond. And those are achievements that we are incredibly proud of.

A few selected highlights:

  • Jerry Ji wins a bronze medal at the Junior Olympic Games and will join the University of Illinois golf team in 2019
  • Philippe van der Lof switched from Willem II football club to St. Mary’s College in California this year and won 18 matches in a row
  • Tennis player Jill van den Dungen made the switch to SBU and is ranked # 11 in America in D2
  • Runner Famke Heinst (High Point University) represents the Netherlands in the European Championship Cross and drags her team to a silver medal
  • Orange-Red hockey players Bloem, Peppe, Pleun, Veerle, Anthe, Elisa and Noortje have won a lot of awards
    Nyls Korstanje (NC State) swims a World Record in the relay
  • Goalkeeper Victor Camps made the switch from PSV to New York City, reached the semi-finals of the national championships and was named All-American
  • Slambassador Mink van der Weerden wins a silver medal with the Dutch team at the World Cup in India
  • Meerkamper Lucas van Klaveren (University of Texas Arlington) takes a gold medal at the national indoor championships
  • Tennis player Jim Hendrikx wins the first ever UTR tournament in the Netherlands on his way to a college tennis team in 2020
  • Golfer Felix van Dijk becomes second at the Dutch U18 championship and will go in 2019 golf for Illinois State University
  • Chess player and Grandmaster Benjamin Bok (Saint Louis University) qualify for the biggest tournaments, including the European Championship and the World Cup
  • Footballer Wouter Verstraaten (University of the Pacific) has been invited to Major League Soccer combines with a good chance of becoming a pro
  • Laurens Verboven (University of Southern California) wins the ITA Nationals as the first Belgian tennis player ever
  • Tennis player Lucas Marinelli (University of San Francisco) ) gets his masters degree in Chemistry after 2 great years in California
    and much, much, much more ….

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our Slamstox Community in the past year. We wish everyone a very good day and a successful and healthy 2019.

Thanks for a great 2018! Ready to make 2019 greater? Join The Club!