What is the DuoLingo English test?

Academic tests - 3 November 2022

The DuoLingo English Test is a newer, modern way to test your skill of the English language. You can take the test from home; this is not always possible with the TOEFL and IELTS tests, for example.

You can score between 0 and 160 points for the DuoLingo test, with 160 being the highest score.

The DuoLingo test has grown rapidly in popularity since the emergence of the Corona virus. The big advantage of the test is that you can take it at home, the scores are quickly available, and in addition, the test is also cheaper. Not all universities use the DuoLingo test to determine whether international students have a good enough proficiency of the English language but more and more are doing so.

Would you like to know if the DuoLingo Test is sufficient for your university? Feel free to ask!

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