Would you like to see more of Point Park University? Thanks to Slamstox student-athlete Mats Douma, this is possible during the latest around & about video!

Mats is now a first-year student-athlete but is already in the second year of his studies. After he received his VWO diploma, he first studied in the Netherlands for another year, then he continued his studies at Point Park. Mats used to live in Germany and started playing soccer there, in the Netherlands he played soccer as a central midfielder with the Jodan Boys. Then he transformed into a student-athlete at Point Park!

Point Park University is located in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mats takes us from his daily biking route, to the ins & outs of the university and some of Pittsburgh’s hotspots! Watch the video below!

Do you, just like Mats, want to become a student-athlete in the USA? Reach out and we will help you!

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