“The weather is really great here, it hardly ever rains.” A sentence that you will not hear a Dutchman say. But if you live in New Mexico! Rebecca Keijzerswaard, Quinty Janssen and Stijn de Haan live in New Mexico State, but that’s not just for the nice weather ..

All three have left the Netherlands to play college tennis in America and to get a nice diploma. All of this is done at New Mexico State University (NMSU). In this video, the tennis trio takes us on campus – one of the largest campuses in America! They tell us about the beautiful facilities, the student residences, the school buildings and they show us the beautiful mountains that serve as a view from the school. They might look familiar to you from the well-known series Breaking Bad!

For now Stijn is the only Dutchman in his tennis team, but this is not for long .. Slamstox tennis player Jordy Visser will join the team!

Do you, like Stijn, Rebecca, Quinty and Jordy, want to play sports and study at New Mexico State? Or would you like more information about sports and studying with a scholarship in America? Reach out to us!