“The weather is always amazing here – it almost never rains.”

 For a Dutch person, that is an uncommon line to say – but not when living in New Mexico. Rebecca Keijzerswaard, Quinty Janssen and Stijn de Haan currently live in New Mexico State, but not just for the warm weather.

All three Dutchies left the Netherlands to play college tennis and earn a university degree at New Mexico State University (NMSU). In this video, the Dutch tennis trio shows you around their campus, which is one of the biggest college campuses in the United States. They take you around, and tell you about, the school’s athletic facilities, dorms, and academic buildings, and they do not shy away from showing you the beautiful mountains scenery in the background that you may know from the TV show Breaking Bad.

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And, in the fall of 2019, Slamstox tennis player Jordy Visser will join Stijn de Haan to be the second Dutch guy on the men’s tennis team! Welcome to the family, Jordy!