In this article, we are going to tell you more about our student-athlete Florance de Kroon, down below you can read about her and also find a video where she introduces herself.

Sports: Field Hockey
Entry semester: Fall 2022

The 16 year old Florance lives currently with her parents, older brother and sister in Driebergen. She plays field hockey for hockeyclub Shinty, the field hockey club her both parents always played field hockey as well. As a little girl, she came to the field hockey club every Sunday and therefor her passion for field hockey started. Florance is a versatile athlete due to her experience in field hockey, tennis, kickboxing and skiing. Besides, Florance has been going to the gym for 3-5 times a week the past 3 years to become even stronger and more athletic.

Florance has been trying to improve and challenge as much as possible the past years. She has been part of the subtop since the U14 team. To constantly improve herself, she has skipped the U16 team to become part of the U18 team immediately. From that moment, she started playing matches for the first team of Shinty as well while she was only 15 years at the time. Florance is also the coach of the U12 boys team at Shinty. This led to much experience in guiding and coaching a team.

Florance is an independent and hard working athlete. She will do anything to win and to achieve as much as possible with the team. Her environment characterizes her as a person who cares about other people in her environment which makes her very special and a real team player.

She sees her time in America as a period where she can maximise her potential and where she can improve her international skills. She wants to get the most out of herself and her team, make international friends and expand her network for the future.

Her life goal is clear as water: ”Leave the world better than I found it.” What Florance will add to the team is that she will motivate others, because only together you can make dreams come true.

“Only together we can win, only together we can make it happen.”

Florance de Kroon – Future student-athlete

Want to see more about Florance? In the video below, she’ll introduce herself.

Check this link for Florance her recruiting video and check this to see Florance her profile on our website!