In this article we tell you more about student-athlete Valérie van Dommelen. Down below this article you will also find the video in which Valérie tells more about herself.

Sports: Field Hockey
Entry semester: Fall 2022

The 17-year-old Valérie comes from Vught, a place in the south of the Netherlands. This is the place where she lives with her family and where started playing field hockey. She now plays in the national subtop at MOP and aims to become champion with the team this year. She has been a champion several times in her hockey career, and she works hard to achieve that: her team trains 3 times a week and has 1 matchday a week. She is a versatile athlete as, in addition to hockey, she is also busy in the gym or likes to go running. To Valérie it’s important to be and stay fit.

Valérie is also taking her final exams this year at the highest attainable level of secondary school, she will receive her diploma in June which makes her ready for het college adventure in the US. She wants to make the most of both her hockey and school careers in America.

“I keep going, no matter the result. I’m always busy with improving myself, both as an athlete and student.”

Valérie van Dommelen

Valérie is currently coached by Soledad Vilar, a former professional hockey player from Uruguay. Valérie has a good relationship with her coach, Vilar’s experience has taught Valérie a lot in the last months. To Valérie it is important to have a strong bond with her future coach in the US.

Valérie has always been a striker, she is a player who understands the tactics of the coach well and applies them easily. She is a fast player who gives everything during the matches. She plays at her best when as a team they put pressure on the opponent, she likes to play forward to open the attack on the goal. She is this season’s top scorer.

Valérie wants to be part of a hard-working team, she likes to train a lot but also thinks it is important to have fun with her teammates. Ambition in the team is extremely important to her, and she also values ​​a good university with a high academic level. She hopes to find this combination in her future university. Valérie wants to get the most out of herself and learn a lot in different areas, she thinks her experience in the US will help her.

Want to see more of Valérie? In the video below she tells more about herself.

Use this link for Valérie’s recruiting video and click here to check out her full profile on the Slamstox website.