In this article, we will tell you more about student-athlete Danique Bakker. Furthermore, at the bottom of this article, you will find the video in which Danique shares more about herself.

Sports: Volleyball

Entry semester: Fall 2025

Danique Bakker is 16 years old and lives in Alkmaar with her parents and sister. She started playing handball at the age of six, but after a year, it became clear that it wasn’t the sport she wanted to pursue. After some exploration, she found volleyball, and after the first training, she was immediately convinced.

Her parents and friends describe her as a perseverer. Danique is highly motivated to learn new things. She enjoys getting to know new people and making new friends. Danique is a true team player and always remains positive. She is an all-round player and a real perfectionist, so she puts in the effort to do everything perfectly, both in volleyball and at school.

In America, Danique aims to pursue higher-level education while also seeking to improve her volleyball skills. In addition to academics and sports, she hopes to make new friends, learn from the new culture, and follow her dreams of practicing her sport in America.

“I am also a perfectionist, I wanna do everything about it so it’s perfect”

Danique Bakker

Would you like to see more of Danique? Watch the video below in which she introduces herself.