In this article, we will tell you more about student-athlete Femke Eising, in addition, at the bottom of this article you will find the video in which Femke tells a bit more about himself.

Sports: Women’s Volleyball
Entry semester: Fall 2023

The 18-year-old comes from one of the farthest corners of the Netherlands, the tiny village of Sleen. Femke lives there with her parents and their 150 cows. Since the age of 12, Femke has been playing volleyball, before that she played many different sports such as soccer, tennis and swimming. Because she saw her mother and sister playing volleyball, she wanted to try it herself, and she was enthusiastic immediately. She has played for many different teams, she played in the first team of her old club and recently she changed clubs to play at an even higher level.

Femke is a real go-getter and always wants to get better. She also really enjoys seeing other people get better at what they do, she is a real mood creator and can positively influence groups. As an athlete, Femke is super coachable and knows herself to have even more potential. She is a real team player and has a lot of strength and power in the attack. For Femke, the game is not over until the last point is played.

In the USA, Femke would like to gain life experience, learn from other cultures and make the most of her academic and athletic career. Her life goal is to always be able to enjoy playing sports, she also hopes to experience some more adventurous things in her life.

”In America I would like to gain a lot of life experience and get the best out of my academics and my volleyball.

Femke Eising

Would you like to see more about Femke? Then check out the video below where she introduces herself.