In this article, we tell you more about student-athlete Hayley Bruins, in addition, at the bottom of this article you will find the video in which Hayley tells a little more about herself.

Sports: Women’s Field Hockey
Entry semester: Fall 2023

17-year-old Hayley Bruins is from Heerhugowaard and has been playing field hockey almost all her life. At first, her parents did not allow Hayley to play field hockey, she first had to show that she really wanted to do it. After a long time of “nagging” at her parents, Hayley convinced them, and at the age of 7 she started playing field hockey at Heerhugowaard’s field hockey club. Almost immediately Hayley was chosen for the selection team but after three years of playing for Heerhugowaard she grew past the level. She switched to the Terriers in Heiloo fairly soon after that.

Hayley is a person who gets along with everyone, young or old, it doesn’t matter to Hayley. This is also one of the main reasons she has such a close group of friends. On the field, Hayley is a person with super perseverance, motivation and good game sense. All these traits ensure that all her teammates enjoy playing with her and the team spirit is high!

By going to America, Hayley hopes to be able to combine a good study and high level field hockey for as long as possible, something that is a lot more difficult in the Netherlands. In addition, Hayley is super ambitious and wants to help other people, which she prefers to do in the medical field.

”My biggest ambition is that I want to help people, preferably in the medical field.”

Hayley Bruins

Would you like to see more from Hayley? Then check out the video below where she introduces herself.