In this article, we will tell you more about student-athlete Stan Tibben. Furthermore, at the bottom of this article, you will find the video in which Stan shares more about himself.

Sports: Swimming

Entry semester: Fall 2024

Stan Tibben is 18 years old and lives with his parents and his brother in Dalen. After playing football for several years, Stan was looking for a new sport. After trying gymnastics and swimming, it turned out that swimming was the perfect match for him.

In his daily life, Stan is calm and introverted, but when he feels comfortable, he opens up and enjoys engaging in pleasant conversations. Furthermore, Stan is highly focused when he has a goal in mind. Once he sets a goal, he doesn’t stop until he achieves it.

During his time in America, Stan wants to participate in as many high-level swim races as possible and celebrate numerous victories with his team, coaches, and other people around him. He also hopes that his time in America will contribute to achieving his ultimate goal, which is to compete in World Championships and the Olympic Games in swimming.

‘’If I have that goal I will not stop until I reached it, I am pretty strong minded because of that.’’

Stan Tibben

Would you like to see more of Tristan? Watch the video below in which he introduces himself.