Tom Moonen, captain of MTSU’s Men’s Tennis Team, looks back on his four-year adventure in Tennessee – one full of incredible experiences and victories.

Name: Tom Moonen
Sport: Tennis
University: Middle Tennessee State University
City: Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Major: Business Administration, Accounting

1. Best college sports memory

Winning the first Conference USA Championship in program history in front of our home crowd. No words needed, watch the video below.

2. Biggest U.S. culture shock

The food…

3. Biggest difference between you as a freshman and as a senior

A good 20 pounds (muscles, thankfully)

4. Most-improved aspect of your sports game

It’s true what they say: everything got bigger, better, and stronger in America

5. Thing you missed most about the Netherlands.

The food!!! And my family and friends, of course.

6. Thing you missed least about the Netherlands.

The rain.

7. Favorite dining hall food?

Farmer’s Market (healthy and fresh!)

8. Favorite thing about being a student-athlete

Being welcomed into a new family, and making lifelong friendships

9. Toughest part about being a student-athlete

Time management. Tough but crucial.

10. Plans for after college

A little later down the road I would love to have my own Private Equity firm. But first, due to Covid-19, I will have an extra year of playing eligibility, and so I will stay at MTSU an extra year to do a Master’s in Finance.

11. Thing you will miss most about the United States as a country

The hard-working culture and how people are so proud of what they accomplish.

12. Thing will you miss most about college sports?

My team and playing in front of our home crowd.

13. Funniest moment being an athlete?

Hahaha, watch the video below.

14. Tip you would you give your freshman-self?

Embrace the grind and don’t be afraid to reach out to others if you need help. Everyone around you wants you to succeed.

15. Main reason you would recommend others to play college sports?

It is the by far the coolest way to get a degree, and the memories and friendships you will make will stay with you forever.

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