Lieske Carleer, you must have heard that name more often at Slamstox. She is one of the Slamstox soccer players and has become an experienced student-athlete at Arizona State University (ASU). She gained a lot of experience and achieved several successes.

Sports talent and fanaticism is in Lieske’s blood. Her mother, Grietje Carleer-Mulder, took part in the European Championships and World Championships for ice skating on the long track. However, Lieske took a different path than her mother and started playing soccer in her youth. She played soccer at FC Trias and participated in the European Championship U17! At that European Championship, ASU coach Graham Winkworth was scouting along the line. He was impressed by Lieske’s talent and skills, and wanted her in their team.

As a defender, Lieske has already done a lot of good work for the team, she played a lot in the past two years. In her first season she played 9 games and in her second season even 15 games. We now know that the Americans are from the ‘facts and figures’, so here it is: that was 1432 minutes in 2019 and 1611 minutes in 2020! Her defensive skills ensured that top teams such as UCLA, Stanford and USC got fewer shots on target than in previous years, you go Lieske!

“What I like most about ASU is that there is a professional sports environment where your team feels like a family.”  

Lieske Carleer – Student-athlete

For everyone who would like to know more about Lieske: stay tuned…. This summer Lieske took the time to drop by at the office, that’s why there will be an awesome interview with her on our socials soon!

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Campuses in America are huge, we know that by now. Since ASU is a ‘state university’, it is huge in size, people live, play sports and do much more fun stuff at campus! ASU consists of four locations in Phoenix: Downtown Phoenix Campus, Polytechnic Campus, Tempe Campus, and West Campus. The third in the list, ‘Tempe Campus’, is the largest and most important location, it is also the place where Lieske attends school and where all athletic facilities can be found. Check out a campus tour video below!

One of the most famous parts of the campus is ‘Palm Walk’. It’s actually a popular thoroughfare, having been around for over 100 years! When you walk on ‘Palm Walk’ you are actually walking all the way from the north to the south of the campus. And while you do that, you will encounter no less than 150 palm trees! It is the most photographed part of the campus, when you see the photo below you will understand why..

Palm walk – ASU

But not only ‘Palm walk’ looks great, the athletic facilities at ASU are also worth a try. We pay attention to that with every university spotlight, so also now! Are you watching?

The ‘Sun Devil Stadium’ is the most impressive stadium at the university, it really is HUGE. It’s the place where (surprise, surprise) the American Football Teams play games. There is seating for 53,599 spectators, but the largest audience in the school’s history was 74,963 in 1996. How did that fit?! We’re not sure. Great sports games at a high level with great kick-offs can be seen in the stadium. You can see that in the photo below. Can you imagine watching this?!

Sun Devil Stadium – ASU

The ‘Desert Financial Arena’ is another great stadium on campus, hosting various sports competitions such as basketball, volleyball and wrestling. The stadium was built in 1974 for a whopping $8 million and since then it has been renovated several times. It has been given its current name since 2019. There is room for more than 14,000 spectators! Check out the stadium below..

Desert Financial Arena – ASU

The ‘Sun Devil Soccer Stadium’, that is where Lieske can often be found. In 2000 this facility was added to the university. Both the men’s and women’s soccer teams come into action here, there is seating for more than 1000 fans! And did you know that the grass is different during the winter and summer months? Professionalism at its best… View the facility below!

Sun Devil Soccer Stadium – ASU

Apart from the above facilities, there is much more to be found on the ASU campus, such as a large ‘aquatic center’, an enormous golf course, tennis courts, an ice hockey center and much more. Curious about more? View the facilities page here!

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The ‘Sun devils’, you have heard that before in this article. And that’s not surprising, because that’s what the group of student-athletes at ASU is called! A large campus and many beautiful facilities often means only one thing: many different teams! And it shows. The male Sun Devils participate in the following sports: baseball, basketball, football, golf, ice hockey, swimming & diving, tennis, track and field and wrestling. And there are women teams in basketball, beach volleyball, golf, gymnastics, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming & diving, tennis, track and field, triathlon, volleyball and water polo.

ASU Fans

ASU is a member of the NCAA and participates in the highest level: NCAA Division 1. All but one team play in the PAC12. Only the women’s water polo team competes in another league: Mountain Pacific Sports Federation. The mascot is Sparky the Sun Devil and you have probably guessed the university colors by now… Dark red and yellow! Below you can spot Sparky & the lyrics of the fight song!

Fight, Devils down the field!
Fight with your might and don’t ever yield.
Long may our colors outshine all others.
Echo from the buttes, give ‘em Hell Devils!
Cheer, cheer for A–S–U.
Fight for the Old Maroon.
For it’s hail, hail, the gang’s all here
And it’s onward to victory!

In the athletic field, ASU has one major competitor: the University of Arizona. Two universities close to each other, which have therefore been meeting each other every year for years. The ‘rivalry’ between the American football teams of the universities is called the ‘Duel in the Desert’. UA made a great video about that, in which both mascots have a leading role. Check it out below!

Want to learn more about ASU’s various sports programs? Then click here.


In our article from last week about different universities in America you could read that there are more than 5000 universities in America. ASU is in 53rd place of all ‘public universities’, so that is a high position! In addition, according to the US News College Rankings, ASU is the most innovative school in all of America! The five most popular studies are:

  • Business, management and marketing
  • Engineering
  • Social Sciences
  • Biological and Biomedical sciences
  • Visual and Performing Arts

Curious about all the studies that ASU offers at bachelor’s and master’s level? View the academic website here and click here to see if your desired study major is offered.

Graduation day – ASU

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