This month in our University spotlight, we highlight Duke University. A private university that is home to 17,000 students. Duke has one of the best academic and athletic programs in America and always performs within the top of American Universities

Duke University’s campus looks like a fairy tale. The old distinctive buildings combined with modern buildings makes the campus very special. The sports facilities on campus are also very interesting to many student-athletes. Out of 17,000 students, 800 are student-athletes. Slamstox athlete‚Äôs Eva Nunnink has had the time of her life at Duke and Josephine Veen is leaving this summer. Two other Slamstox champs Amina Maatoug and Ilhame Tamrouti represent Duke’s track and field team. Read on to learn more about our athletes and what Duke University has to offer!

Duke Chapel – Durham NC


Duke University is located in the city of Durham, North Carolina. The campus itself is a attraction for tourists, for example, the church is often visited and there are many visitors during the various sports games. 40,000 people fit into the football stadium. 15 million dollar comes in annually through Duke’s American Football team alone.

Duke has been around since 1838, which is reflected in the buildings on campus. By European standards, 1838 is not that old, but in America it is considered a piece of history. On campus you can also find an art museum, special garden, restaurants, stores, a gym and much more to keep you entertained. Watch the video here to get an inside look at the campus. Can you see yourself walking around here?


The Duke Blue Devils, as the athletes are called, play sports at a high level. The school competes in division I and is in the NCAA Atlantic Coast Conference(ACC) where they compete against schools such as North Carolina State, University of Miami and Boston College. They also offer many sports as track and field, basketball, baseball, softball, fencing, field hockey, golf, lacrosse, volleyball, wrestling, tennis, swimming and diving.

Wallace Wade Stadium – Durham NC

On average, each athlete at Duke University receives a scholarship of a whopping 30 thousand dollars! This is also due in part to their successes with the sports teams. The Blue Devils have already won the ACC championships 130 times and 17 national championships of which the women’s golf team leads with 7 national titles. You schould check out the amazing Basketball facility of Duke in this video as well.

Our Slamstox toppers Amina Maatoug and Ilhame are currently competing for Duke University with the track team. Javelin thrower Ilhame will soon begin her first competitions and our runner Amina has already completed some competitions. Meanwhile, Superstar Amina has already broken 2 school records (800m & 3000m) and earned multiple All America honors. Read the interview with Amina here. Good luck this outdoor season ladies!

Amina Maatoug & Ilhame Tamrouti


Duke University is ranked tenth on the list of best academic schools. This is quite an extraordinary achievement. Only 8% of the students who apply to Duke end up getting admitted and even with a 4.0 GPA it is not a guarantee to be admitted, so you might need to show your skills with some extra achievements. Would you be willing to put up with it?

Richard H. Brodhead Center – Durham NC

There are many different fields of study you can pursue at Duke. We made a list of the most popular majors below.

  • Computer Science
  • Public Policy Analysis
  • Economics
  • Biology
  • Nursing

Hopefully you’ve learned a little more about Duke University. Outside of Duke, there are many other wonderful universities. Want to know more about the different universities or about combining studying and playing sports in America? Then contact us and we will be happy to help you.